Height Jumper Prototype feedback

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I've just finished my first 3d Unity prototype game, called "Height Jumper". Can you give me feedback on it, please?

Things to know:

1)I started in game developement this summer.

2)I know nothing about programming.

3)I don't go to any videogame school.

If you want to test it, I'll send you the password in a private message as soon as possible.

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

Ill test it for you dude! Theres also a feedback section on our discord that you might find useful as well.

SmallFast #453 0 74

Are there other people, that want to test it?

crazy4games #480 0 9

I would like to test it yes. 

SmallFast #453 0 74

Thanks! I'll send the private message.

Don't forget to write your feedback here :)!

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