How are we doing, Devs?

Collin Duval #2 5 96

Hey guys,

Just wanted to stop in and see how everybody is doing / what everybody is upto!

Statelessrich #30 27 143

Working on Morphine and The Dishwasher, hoping to release both in March.

RageMunkey24 #23 19 286

Switched to windows 8.1 but I am starting to regret it because I dont think I want to design on that OS


Targeting 8.0 when your running 8.1 isnt bad.. I create all of my stuff as 8.0 files.. then I just copy the folder, open visual studio and do the upgrade to make it work for 8.1.. I *DO* regret updating my surface to 8.1 though.. since there is no way to test an older 8.0 project on it.. it has to be retargeted. Fortunately Unity runs on 8.1 fine, and since Im using it mainly now, I'm good..

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