How did you end up creating games?

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Hi everybody,


I often hear a similar story on how and why people started creating video games. The main commonality seems the love of video games, and wanting to go further (including Tim apparently with his Halo-like ambitious project).


My own initial motivation is quite different and it though it could be interesting to share the path that brought us to all have the same centre of interest.


I go first: I can say that my own motivation to create my first game has multiple factors:

  • Interest : I love sailing. I can still picture myself on the way to school 25 years ago, thinking : "that would be really cool to be able to go to school by sailing in the streets ". Call me crazy, but this idea never left and somehow stayed around all these years, like a weird fantasy
  • Awareness : I'm a mechanical engineer, but my professional path lead me to realistically rendering (the one they use to create marketing contents). And this world of modeling, texturing, lighting (..) go t my attention and interest
  • Necessity : A bit further my professional path led me to become product manager of a software product. I got suddenly in discussion I did not understand, like: " Should we branch now or later? ". Are all these people really into gardening? I had to learn, and fast. Some people like to read books to learn, I prefer to read stories. What better way to learn the doing it yourself?
  • The Trigger: When Unity announced (in 2015?) that they were providing Unity for free to independent developer, I started by checking what Unity was. The I realized that all required tool were free (basically Unity, Blender, Gimp), and that all could run on my laptop, I though why not me? The idea to start with the WindSkate project was sort of an evidence, and since 2 year I can now actually discuss technical stuff with (real) developers at work, and has a great and rewarding hobby for my spare time!


What's your story? Why did you start developing video games?

Fodder #593 0 41


I started making games because, as a child, I used to watch video game analysis videos with my brother a lot. I started analyzing the video games I played and started thinking how awesome it would be if I could make something like that, but improve it. That combined with my love of creating and the fact that my brother had Game Maker got me to start making games.

BroGamer #563 0 70

I actually started making games because I wanted to be a game composer. But I needed some games to make music for, so I started making my own, now I'm a game developer... funny how things work out :)

DragonKnight #425 0 389

that is a long story for myself.
Interest: I started getting interested in game development when I was 11years old.
and I had all kind of ideas that could work or made into a game. but I was also interested how curtain object work. like how doe an object know where to go.
how is it when I press the left mouse button that my gun shoot etc. like everything that a game does was for me how does it work?

The Trigger: was for me my favorite game developers (I never met them but) the gave me the inspiration that you can make everything if you just learn.
not only that but GameMaker also helped me to set this path open. so I follow a Game development degree which I have finished 2 years ago. now busy with bachelor Game development for another 4 years.
And I just love to make them.

Extrone #614 0 20

I literally wanted to became a game developer when I was introduced to a 3D program called Blender by my friend. I learned blender and I was impressed by the capabilities of a 3D software.Then I started to dig into the deepness of 3D. I wanted to make a game I tried Blender's built in game engine but it was not so powerful. So I searched around the internet, mainly YouTube for game engine.The first on I came across was Unreal Engine 4. My main concern about a game engine was the cost UE4 was open source and since I was a high school student I thought it was perfect for me. I started using it and now I am a Beginner-Intermediate game developer.

CzarDev #634 0 16

Hello, well for me it was just pure childish fantasies that I myself will create games and somehow I got into it while being a teenager... :D

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I was always playing games and thinking "this could be done better". Also i was obsessed with rpg dungeon crawler type games and always wanted to make my own. I started learning Unity about 3 years ago with the goal to make a great dungeon crawler. I have made a small one about 2 year ago but it is definitely not what i had envisioned. I am definitely going to give it another shot in the future though but first i have a few other projects i'd like to finish. 

Bakel #642 0 88

I think I basicly started to interest myself for Development when i played Minecraft the first time, i heard the story of the lonely person creating such an amazing game and Then I started by learning visual basic and coding simple projects for example Timer,Calculator and simple games like an TicTacToe-AI, then somewhere in 2014/2015 i found unity and instantly started to create games, but never finishes one, not even close to publishing, i loved coding way too much to stop coding to think about graphics, story,etc, so i used asset store assets and built script for mechanics like enemy AI, multiplayer, Teleporters, menus, GUIs and other things like that, hope my story helped someone in any way or u just liked it.

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