I Made a Prototype: !nverted Stealth

Statelessrich #30 27 143

I made a prototype for what I call an "inverted stealth" game.
Instead of playing as a spy who evades guards, you play as a guard who catches a spy. I thought it would be interesting to turn the stealth game genre on its head.

Play it in the Unity web player and let me know if you think the gameplay has potential enough for me to develop this into a full game.


Thank you!


andyman404 #55 33 216

Yes! Potentially interesting fun concept.

InstantLife #98 47 315

i like the lighting effects, if you spiced up this idea it could be a real hit!

A Dude #37 1 26

Idea sounds very cool and new!

Jaboney #107 2 11

Awesome. Keep us updated.

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