I only hear crickets after releasing my first game to android play store

Ferdowsur Asif #1602 0 31

I just released beta version of my app to the android play store and I received literally no download. Would anyone mind checking out the page at one glance and suggest me on how to improve the listing.


Kanugane #1072 0 87

That's why you first do a marketing and advertisement for your game! 

IndieOmega #1495 0 32

Mobile market is overloaded, try things like steam, itch.io, gamejolt, playstation or switch.

rubi55 #1635 0 30

Don't ask other developers to try your game, ask the players.
If u think that there is money in the thing u should consider spending money on advertistment

Steve Cameron #1660 0 43

hi Ferdowsur Asif  I haven't tried your game but these break the brick games are "ten a penny" in an already saturated market. I do like how you have enemies to make it more challenging ( from watching the promo video).... so heres my 2 cents

- could you have a sound effect when the bricks break?

Anyway, good luck with your game and your next project.

STORMFATH3R #1666 0 29

Pretty good game, you should watch some of Tim's Marketing videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL34tw91iHmmrMXTYWH1meZ63_r83fA23F

I'll keep trying your game when I have more time. I managed to get a ball stuck in the wall, it wasn't a big deal because i had about 6 balls at the time however if you only had one it would be game breaking. I think you should open up reviews, no one is gonna care that you have 5 stars when you are the only on to rate it.


Ferdowsur Asif #1602 0 31

Thank you all for your feedback.

@Kanugane yea, my bad. I didn't actually expect to make any money at all or have any success. This was more of a learning experience. But that low amount of downloads is a bit sad. I guess my low expectation wasn't low enough. As the meme say "I expected nothing yet I am disappointed."

@IndieOmega I think I am not gonna spend any more time on a failed project trying to port it to different stores and just gonna give up, move on to the next project. I never liked mobile gaming anyway.

@ruby55 I dont really have a clue where I would get them. I searched a while on facebook and reddit for relevant groups/pages but most of them were filled with very professional looking games that were not getting any attention , I just didn't have the courage to post on any of them.

@Steve Cameron, I agree. I actually have shamefully long list of incomplete projects ( some of them: https://youtu.be/Vzln6IXJ9jE ). So I decided to actually finish something instead of always failing trying to complete too big projects. This brick breaker genre seemed like the fastest one I could get a somewhat complete project out of. Yea, I totally forgot about the brick destroy sounds, I turned them off to test sounds from the ball and never really turned them back on again.

@STORMFATH3R, thank you. I actually watched almost every one of Tim's videos. I will rewatch that playlist again. I actually fixed the ball getting stuck bug but haven;t pushed it to live yet. I didn't really know the review was closed. I thought open beta meant review was open too. I guess that's why the two other review I got according to the dev console wasn't showing up. I will check some stuff and push it to live sometime today.

I had to take a family member to hospital recently, not a big problem but still didn't have time to check anything.  Sorry for the late replies and thanks again for the feedbacks.

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