If you do freelance game dev...post here!

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

Hey guys,

So for whatever reason I've recently been getting requests from a few clients of mine to make games for hire. Nothing solid yet, but its something I believe can happen in the near future, and there would be budgets for art/sound/music etc.

If you do freelance work on games, post below with your skillset and/or portfolio or body of work.

I think many of us can benefit from a list like this of different developers with multiple abilities! And who knows, some of us may even make some extra $$.

Gorogorosama #170 29 65

I sometimes do freelance game dev. Always depends on my availability and coolness of the project.

Design, programming, 3d if necessary: www.ScottMakesGames.com

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

Good to know man. Ill keep you in mind if any projects come up!

TsuyoiRaion #184 0 27


I do freelancing for games, mostly programming or building games from scratch. My game engine of choice is Unity ^_^

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