I\'m doing an indie game creation podcast, any ideas?

Disturbing13 #73 20 215

Hey guys, I am doing an indie game creation podcast soon; right now I'm just getting things together. Do you guys have any input that might make the shows a bit more intresting? I'm open for all sorts of suggestions.

RageMunkey24 #23 19 286

Depends what are you already planning to talk about?

Disturbing13 #73 20 215

anything and everything to do with game creation, more leaning in the indie territory. Methods that the masters and the novice use, helpful advice. I hope to even have a few interviews.

Dizzy Media Inc. #13 31 395

Please interview me ^_^ would love to be on your show as a starter

topics would depend on the developer and such, what kind of game, console, etc. you know but good intro or outro music makes a lot of difference in shows. Just my 2cents.

Disturbing13 #73 20 215

I'de be more than happy to interview you! I'll get in touch with you as I test my equiptment and get things rolling. I definitely want to incorperate anything and everything but still have a set format to go by. :)

Dizzy Media Inc. #13 31 395

great, catch me on skype - username: darkeccho

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

GDU blog is starting up...assuming you're going to be doing it on a consistent schedual, would love to feature your podcast on it!!


WakeskaterX #152 10 35

I'm always open to interviews as well. Still very new to the industry, but it's another take on entering into the indie industry.

Disturbing13 #73 20 215

All sounds good! I wouldn't mind having it on GDU blog one bit, in fact I was going to include a weekly shout out to GDU. :)
@WakeskaterX- sure thing I want to cover as much of the spectrum as possible from veteran to new recruit. Well most of my equiptment is in mow so I just have to come up with a format and some content. I have a few good ideas for shows and I'm sure more will come naturally. :)

InstantLife #98 47 315

this is a great idea... I cant wait to see what you make

Dizzy Media Inc. #13 31 395

whens the shows starting? :) id like to be the 1st on! ^_^

andyman404 #55 33 216

Some topics I'd love to hear discussed on the podcast:

1. Tools, tricks, techniques, and tips for designing and defining your game concept. (i.e. "I've got some great gameplay mechanics, but am stuck at coming up with a storyline. What are some techniques for coming up with a storyline?")

2. Funding: Interviews, research, and discussions on how to fund your game successfully. Perhaps a roundtable discussions of developers who have successfully crowdfunded their games, the traps and pitfalls what other indiedevs might not be aware of, lessons learned, and setting proper expectations. Also balance that with discussions of developers who did not get funded successfully but continued anyway.

3. Finding resources/help: Indie game dev is tough, and there are many solo developers or very small teams. But a ton of different skills are needed: design, programming (AI, UI, logic, Shaders, and all sorts of funk), artwork, 3D modeling, animation, sound, voice, music, lighting, testing, marketing etc. Unless the developer is a paragon of cross-disciplinary game dev skills, the game is going to be lacking in some of these aspects if they don't get help or game resources/assets from somewhere else. Discuss the when, how, where, and why of finding help.

4. Events and happenings that indie game developers might be interested in, like so-and-so conference or an indie game developer meetup in X city, or online gatherings like the Game Developer Underground.

Thoughts from listening to other indie game developer podcasts:

Have you checked out some of the other indie game developer podcasts? Might be good to check them out to analyze what you think they do well and what they don't. I'm currently subscribed to The Game Design Roundtable, Game Design w/ Joe Method, Indie Game Development Podcast.


- Hearing indie game developers share about their stories and struggles and their strategies for overcoming them. It's encouraging and useful.

- When they get big name veteran developers on, and they share their experiences

- When they come up with theories on "fun" and what makes a game good, and discuss/refine these theories over the course of time.

- When they back things up with research


- Too much irrelevant stuff. It's great to hear them having fun, but too many inside jokes or irrelevant tangents hurt.

- When they discuss the "other" types of gaming - boardgaming, tabletop gaming, card games. Electronic gaming (computer/console/mobile gaming) is already a diverse enough topic as it is without going into games with physical materials.

- Poor quality mics or bad skype connections with interviewees. Get some quality podcasting hardware.

Statelessrich #30 27 143

It would be fun to be interviewed, especially since my approach to game design is a bit different from many others.

Fab WindSk8 #349 0 90

That sound great! I can't wait to listen to the first one!

One idea maybe for you show: What about having sort of a short interview with people who just released their game? What was their initial idea, their struggle how long the development took, marketing strategy... I think it would be interesting to feature success stories (releasing is already a success!!!!), to give motivation and inspiration to the ones not there yet!

Looking forward to it!

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