I\'m sooo sawwwyyyy!

DanaLovesVidya #69 20 138

I've totally neglected GDU lately. Tonight I decided to drop in and see how things were going. Last post on the forums has been weeks ago? Ahm soo saaaawwwwyyyy! LOL I'm sorry I've been not around at all. This isn't my site, but I'm a founding member so I feel a bit responsible. I haven't really made any games (well I started a text adventure but hit the wall with that one as well) lately, so felt I didn't have anything to contribute.

Where is everyone? I heard the Friday chats are on hiatus? How's everyone been?

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

Its al good man...Ive been the same way.

Chats are temporarily suspended until I get some extra time...hoping to reinvigorate GDU soon. ANd get this forum going again.

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