I\'m working on a marketing survey. Please help me proof-read it and refine it :)

vladimirsan #102 8 52

Hey guys.

I’m happy to be finally developing my first commercial game. I want to start with the right foot, so I decided to do a small survey to understand my players a little bit better. Here is what I came up with:


Since this is my first time doing this I wonder if there is anything you guys have to say about my survey. Also, if there is any tips on how to run a survey of this type, I would really love to hear them since I’m trying to figure this out as I go along.

(You don’t have to fill the survey if you don’t want to. I currently marked all the questions as non-required so you can just hit continue if you want to.)

My main objectives with my survey are
--Better identify my target player as well as his/her likes and dislikes
--Test the appeal of my setting and general artwork style.
--Gather some very raw ideas about how the combat system I’m thinking will be perceived by users.

Right now I’m thinking about asking people to fill the survey on facebook groups, reddit, and other random internet forums and communities. I might ask some pages to run the survey for me hoping I get some administrators to agree.

Any suggestions comments or ideas?

If any of you is interested in the results of my survey, I'm more than willing to write a few articles about it :)

Formatting Issues. Lesson learned: do not coppy documents from google docs.

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

Took your survey!

Good stuff man. Its cool to see someone going to the lengths required to be successful. Knowing these little things now can save you a ton of headaches in the future.

And yes this forum has random formatting issues :(. Ill get to them one day I promise!

vladimirsan #102 8 52

Thanks Tim :) I'm doing my best!

Gorogorosama #170 29 65

So my honest thoughts on the survey:

There are clearly audiences for both Western and JRPG's. There are audiences for RPG's with various graphic styles, settings, and combat systems.

Unless millions of people take your survey, your results will say more about who took your survey than the marketability of any potential game.

I think it would be far more important to decide for yourself the game you want to make, what you are pasionate about, and then research if there is an audience for that.

Find similar games on the market and investigate how well they did. For example look at Steamcharts and see how many players "To the Mooon" has. (a relatively successful indie-rpg). I heard a general rule is take the all-time peak players x10 to approximate total purchases.

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