Indie Games in China!

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Fellow devs and game enthusiasts! (edit: have no idea where the rest of this text went after i posted it first time!)
I am currently doing an internship at a game localization firm and distributor in Beijing, called Indienova, and I am going to post articles (blog posts and interviews mostly) through their social media channels during the following two months. 
This gives me a great opportunity to get an insight and understanding of China's indie community and game market. 
So I basically just signed up here (as frequent follower of GDU on Youtube) to let you guys know this and offer to share with you what I learn.

So if you're interested in China's indie community or game industry in general and have any questions about it or if you want me to share my articles I could do so in this thread  :)

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Missed this. I've been slogging on my Dev log and game. I'd be interested :)  I'm still working on my first game so this sort of stuff is very relevant. Please feel free to post whatever you feel would be of interest.


Much appreciated! Thank you for making this effort, it'll be interested to hear about their Indie community/processes.

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So my big question is how will you get around the great firewall?
I mean, is Youtube allowed?
I know Facebook is blocked and so are VPNs. 
Can access this site?

I know Steam is there, what's it like when you get on over there?

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