Input on my Program Idea?

Neurofuzzy #140 1 53

I'd use the word "game" lightly but, puzzle elements could definitely be included.

Short and sweet: I have a !!ton!! of programming experiments, and I'll keep coding more regardless of whether I make any income off of it. None of it is new mathematics or physics, but there are some things that haven't been visualized much before (scroll down a ways at ). My thought is: What if I put all of these experiments together in one little virtual world, so that the user could explore it as they wish? And, due to the technical nature of a lot of these, there could be a pseudo command line interface for changing parameters, saving series of pictures, and rendering things not in real time.

To give an idea of what I want to do, I wrote a little demo & recorded it. This video demonstrates a program where the user explores a few demonstrations.

So, thoughts? That demo is written in DBPro but, there's no chance I'm writing a large project in that! I was thinking OGRE+C++, mostly just because that's what I have the most experience with. I definitely want to gauge public interest in this first, and I think this is a good way to create something I like *and* monetize the brief spurts of fame I get when a youtube video or program I write gets posted somewhere popular. This would be the first program I create that I actually want to sell copies of.

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I really like the idea.

First off, its really unique. Too many genres are played out and we see the same games over and over.

But also, it could fall into educational games, you could interest not only people looking to learn but also people wanting to explore. If you pull it off, and its interesting enough, it could be a hit!

Derek #131 1 12

I figure this would be interesting to some, but I recomment having some manner of focus as far as what's included. A collection of physics/math demos that you can play with in realtime would be kind of neat. I've toyed with the idea myself, demos of basic kinematics (newton), equations producing water surfaces, etc -- having the equations running on a set of geometry and having the parameters of the equation modifiable with a simple gui (think sliders for viscosity variables, that kind of thing).

As far as it goes, you could possibly even help a few students out by giving them something that lets them play with physics/math in realtime or by stepping through a timeline and seeing the variables change as the outut updates. (Eg, you have some example of kinematics and show the various decomposed velocity vectors updating at various steps).

I didn't put too much thought into it but I intended to put something together with C++/OGRE/GWEN. I don't know if anyone would pay for it unless it was very well done (along the lines of the same people playing with Universe Sandbox, etc).

Neurofuzzy #140 1 53

One thing in particular, I think that especially if I wrote up a solid core for easily making the GUI slider elements, moving/positioning objects, or drawing 2D things, then most of the individual demonstrations would be easy to write and easy to tack on. That said, I think that most of the demonstrations could be small, but some would be big projects in themselves. Universe Sandbox is a pretty good model for parts of this!

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Neurofuzzy would you be interested in joining a team of people making a game or no?

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