is it stupid to not use a CMS?

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I wonder what you guys think about it. I'm currently building a website from scratch. I have some experience in Wordpress , but i wan't to build it with html and css only, no javascript, no wordpress, no typo3, no CMS in general.

I want to post my future projects there, with a small description, and link to steam or the playstore. Of course there would be some things I might miss (social features, easy to install wp-plugins, a devblog system), but  I just want "full control" over this stuff, and im the guy that surfs the web with noscript blocking like everything....

I spent 2 weeks writing my own webserver. It wasn't good (no compression, css  errors), so finally I installed apache, but i already have a bad feeling about this. Because I'm a dickhead maybe.

Am I crazy? Can u comprehend? What should i do? I really can't decide.

No js/CMS -> hard to  maintain website, no devblog, comments, social stuff, good feeling

js/CMS -> easy to maintain, devblog, comments, social stuff, deal with the devil D:

I think I'm crazy btw..... :D

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You would never suspect yourself if you were crazy. ;)

Full control does not exist. You might need to start with designing your own CPU long time before you start working on OS.

Starting from basic HTML/PHP/CSS can give an illusion of controll, but as your project grow you will loose more and more controll.

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Yeah, but i think a CMS is so much overhead for a simple website :S

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