Is there a way to gain players without losing money?

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I am thinking about it for very long time. I don't have much money to promote my games via advertising channel. I am using cross-advertising platforms but still it is not enough. How do you gain players to your games? What is the secret behind it?

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There is such awesome channel, called ExtraCredits where you can learn a lot of things. They generally throw in tips about game developing. To summarize their video (which is about 6 min long if I remember it right):

1) Don't be afraid to send your game to game reviewers/game journalists. You won't lose anything and it will fire back greatly (in a good way) if your game will be publicly reviewed.

2) Use social media. Create a page about your game. Post stuff daily there. Eventually, people will notice and come in, waiting for the game to be released. Be aware, using social media and doing self-promotion will take some time so expect 90 days or so. This will work if you're posting actively though. 

3) It's almost same as with 1st step, but why not to try game bloggers? They need some material to create content and your game can be a good example of one!

4) Eheh, it's a tiny cheat here. But if Tim will review your game during his Friday streams, that's a tiny start as well. 

5) Do you have your own web-page of the game? It won't hurt you to have one!

These are the five tips I can think off straight away. There are of course dozents ways of advertising options, and I'm sure those who are experienced with it, may/will give you a hand of help too. Otherwise, here's a useful video for you, about which I've mentioned in the beginning of my post:

Hopefully, I answered your question or gave you some ideas!

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