LD39 submission! Dying (Phone) Light.

Neurofuzzy #140 1 53

Whew! Fnished my submission. The theme was "running out of power". Made three big mistakes: 

1. starting the 48 hour competition, 12 hours in. I didn't really work intensely either, probably ~8-10hrs of work.
2. Using a library I've never used before (easeljs)
3. Not using a premade engine. So it's just about ~1k lines of javascript (on top of createjs, but that's pretty bare-bones.) 
It's not mobile friendly! It's basically impossible to win and needs some balancing (though I've won in the current version!). Might work on it a bit after submitting. I'll have a link to the ludum page once I get it uploaded.

Play the game: https://neurofuzzy101.github.io/ludumdare39/

Get the source: https://github.com/neurofuzzy101/ludumdare39

Follow meh twitter: https://twitter.com/dmoore2718

Obesitybee #377 0 36

yeah it's impossible to win. The chargers simply need to give you more power. The game itself I believe is impressive consider the very limited resources you used. I know nothing about coding but even I know 1k of lines is tiny. Using an engine would have give you the power to create a more robust game. If the chargers gave you more power it will make it winnable but then how do you lose other then just doing nothing? Well congrats on finishing a project. 

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