Looking for 3D modellers

MBullGames #847 0 9

I am a programmer in need of a 3D low poly modeller. I won't be paying you until the game has been released into early development where income begins to come in. Thanks.

Gullberger #1070 0 108

Can you list all 3dmodelīs that you want to be done? 

Many (almost all) guys(like me) have limited time to spend. I donīt wanna waste my time to make stuff for a failing project, and canīt be used elsewhere. But if you can convince me that it wouldnīt be waste of time to make epic content for your project, I will probably give it a shot.

Also, itīs down to what quality and quantity. Is it enought to make 4 n64-style models, or ps3-quality with animation, hires-texture and about 100 models?

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