looking to create a learning group _ devotion is not easy alone!

SuperBatBen #557 0 20

I'm looking for fellow student and anyone who wants to learn but have commitment issues. I believe we can encourage each other through regular updates on our respective projects, so let's create a group where we can show our advancements.

Astra Cat #543 0 16

Hey, I'm absolutely for it. I've been learning so much as of late, I'm extremely excited to try all of the new things I've learned out. Tim really inspired me to try promotion again after so many failures that I've had in the past. If you'd like to chat over facebook or skype I'm game.

Fab WindSk8 #349 0 90

Hi there, 

I think it is a fantastic idea! I'd like to join this group too! I have not released a game yet, still on my first one, and I know the risk is height never actually release it! So I love this idea or supporting each other! What platform do you have in mind to show each other our achievements?

Killer #588 0 49

I would love to join this group

Fodder #593 0 41

I'd like to join too. Is there a facebook group for this or something?

(If there isn't a thing going yet, Facebook would be easiest for me)

RethinkRetro #497 0 46

If you guys are in the GDU Discord we can connect and send our updates through there.

Bakel #642 0 88

I would also like to have something like that, maybe create a discussion thread for that ? 
there everyone could post small updates about their project and ask questions, and then everyone can comment on the updates, for example how they would have coded something, or what they think about the graphics or the gamedesign

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