Ludum Dare 39 Starts Tonight! Post your thoughts/progress/submissions here!

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

Hey guys!

So as you may know, Ludum Dare 39 starts tonight. Here's the link:

If you're planning on entering, post here! I'm going to attempt it (although not sure if I have the time this weekend to complete it). And maybe even do a live stream. We will also be hanging out on Discord around 9pm EST which is when the theme gets released, so say hey!

And who doesn't like a little friendly competition??? 

Post your submissions here, and (with your permission) I'll play through them all and post a YouTube video with the footage and pick a winner! Winner gets a state-of-the-art, shiny little badge on their GDU profile for eternity!

Cant wait to see what you guys come up with!

Wil Taylor #367 0 52

Wasn't going to join this one because I can't get Monday off but screw it. Will work on something small and see if I can get it done in the reduced time :).

Petipois #326 0 55

I wasn't going to, as I have a busy weekend but..I think I can try to create something playable. :D

MrBoxBox #368 0 57

I am definitely participating!

Psychopsam #376 0 1

I'm in.  I've create a project for it on and as well.  Am I able to post a link here?  Keen to have Tim review it when it's done in an attempt to win a prestigious badge :D

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

Hey guys!

So here is what we came up with on stream last night. SOme crazy hybrid of a a top-down tank shooting game and a tower defense game...with some objective elements (you have to capture generators to stay alive).


(and yes, post links here please!!)

Jindatesha #370 0 3

My game is going to be submitted for the ludem dare...but the servers as you know. e.e....I was in a small team of three and here is our project: an ALIEN Pixelated Pickle Platformer! 

Neurofuzzy #140 1 53

Fun looking stuff! I want to rate and play everyone's but I'm on linux right now :(

@Tim love the post-submission updates to the tank game!

Mejlvang Games #220 0 26

@neurofuzzy i think mine should run on linux as well via the windows link

Wil Taylor #367 0 52

@neurofuzzy I posted a linux binary too.

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

Hey peeps! Video is up playing through your game!

My personal opinions on everybody's stuff:

Power Tank: 

  • Great base
  • Cool idea
  • Multiple levels
  • AI may need a bit of tweaking, enemies are super aggressive and faster than you when backing up.

High rise:

  • Really cool art style, concept easy to understand
  • I like the different windows and stuff
  • The mechanic may need a little tweaking. Pressing space, and then buying workers to press space for you didnt give me the urge to keep playing. And actually playing the game well means you end up letting the game play itself.
  • The main objective should probably be a little more clear (if there was one). If there was a goal I would have maybe wanted to get there.

Snack Break:

  • You started with a tried and true platform concept, nothing wrong with that. I like it.
  • I liked the food art. 
  • Level had a good balance to difficulty.
  • Objective could have been a tiny bit more clear, as could the checkpoints/stores.


  • Fantastic art style, really cool models.
  • Objective was pretty clear
  • Could have used indicators other than just running I actually got 90% of them right up front, and then died because I spent the rest of my time searching for hte last one.

Pea Soup:

  • The game was clear on what the objective was. 
  • I liked your little taglines and statements that popped up. Great pieces of polish.
  • I think the core mechanic needs some tweaking. Perhaps if there were things to change it up or power ups of some sort. It didn't give me the desire to beat my high score that I think a lot of high score games need too (mine didnt do that either, bummed about that.)

Solar Miner

  • Great art, very thematic.
  • Great mechanics like collection, felt very polished.
  • Great sense of progression.
  • If this thing had a mission briefing, levels, maybe even procedurally generated elements I'd actually buy it.

Torch boy

  • Fantastic use of color. 
  • I loved the charge/shoot mechanic. Good mechanic and felt very polished.
  • Game was really REALLY hard lol. I played another 20 min outside the video and still could not get the freaking key. Were there additional levels?

Night Watch

  • Art was fantastic.
  • Sound was good. Great sense of mood.
  • Mechanic although simple was a TINY bit hard for me to understand what was going on. Maybe thats just me though.

Take my charge:

  • Really cool art style, very thematic.
  • Loved the deep internet story.
  • EXCELLENT initial experience / tutorial. Walks player through everything they need to know.

Overall I'm really freaking honored to be a part of a community that puts out awesome games like this. You guys blew my game out of the water!!! I'm so impressed with everything I played.

I think I'd say that 1st place goes to MrBoxBox with Solar Miner. The game is damn near perfect, and its a great example of a game jam game. It has a super small scope, but doesn't sacrifice any or the fun. Second place would probably goes to Josehzz for Take My Charge. Great initial experience, heart warming story, and very thematic game. It feels like a coherent whole experience. Third place goes to Mejlvang Games for PowerBall. It had a coherent theme, a clear objective, and a cool style. It had a few issues but all of them were forgivable in a weekend.

Great job everyone though, for real you guys did awesome.

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