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I want to make pixel art, but I am really bad at drawning. Do you have some advice to improve myself in pixel art ? Some good tutorial ?  My main issue is drawing character, you can see my "skill" in the screenshots of my game's prototype (in my profil) where I drawn everything but trees and the portal (the only good sprites).

PS : I don't know what happened but there was nothing written in my post when I posted it

Sluggy #1662 0 35

As my drawing instructor in college would say, 'The difference between a good artist and a bad one is a stack of crappy drawing this tall', *holds arms as far apart as they can be*. Just draw - constantly. Every day. In every medium that you can.

Drawing in pixel art is really no different from drawing in any other medium. Improving your art skills overall will make you a better pixel artist. Two things to get you started: 1) Use reference material. Look at photos, go outside and look around, and constantly study the world around you and how light interacts. 2) Learn to draw from real life and then adapt that to a style you want to execute. Trying to learn from other styles will simply degrade your skill set and hold you back. Instead of trying to learn how to draw by studying, say, manga. Learn how to draw from real-life and then apply manga style techniques to that.

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I know this sounds cliche but it's all about practice and fundamentals. Focus on studying more concepts, because when you learn the concept it's easier to apply it in various kind of artstyles, like, if you know how to work with light and shadow in the paper let's say, then you'll already have a good base on how to do this with pixel. You said your biggest issue is drawing characters, then maybe start there, study some character design fundamentals and basic anatomy can help too I guess?

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Zulhuky what the other replies are telling you is true BUT on the other hand if your whole game looks "simple" then who's say it's not supposed to look like that. If you know what I mean. Graphics aren't everything; I think consistency is more important than art style.

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Just start making Pixel art, it really doesn't matter what program or how good you are. Pull up some pixel art you like and try to recreate the style or even the same character. If you continue to try you will improve. You can also check out a guy on youtube called achebit his tutorials are pretty solid! Just get working on some art and don't worry if it's good, you can make it even better later!


Zulhuky #1656 0 41

Thank for your advices guys. I think I improved a bit, I looked at some tutorial and I added outline. I have two new decent drawing (decent for me) :

Like you said, I looked at picture of "Kappa" and "Oni" on google to look at proportion and colors. It help a lot. 

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