Moving Forward: What\'s in our future?

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

Hey Guys, So i need your help on a few things.

As you've seen, GDU has changed a lot even in the month it’s been up. And there’s a hell of a lot more just around the corner.

With that being said though, I want your input on where this goes and how it evolves, because you guys are just as much a part of it as i am. So i need your help on the following issues, and I’ll let you all discuss it while I work on this damn not saving bug.

Game Rating System: Should only GDU members be allowed to rate your game? Or everyone? If only GDU members can rate it, you can get notifications as to who rated it and it will eliminate spam. If everyone is allowed to rate it, we run the risk of it being exploited, as the rating will have to be tied to IP address or something similar...and everyone being able to rate it could be good or bad. Not sure yet.

Game Comments: Right now were using DISQUS comments for the game comments. This is cool because anyone can comment and log in with their social profile like facebook or twitter. Do you guys like this comment system? or would you prefer a custom one that could notify you when someone comments and allow you to moderate/delete comments but would only allow GDU members to comment?

Private messages, profile comments or both? Ok so I don’t want this to turn into Facebook here, but I realize its helpful if you guys can talk to each other. Do you guys want private messages? Do you guys want profile comments? Let me know.

Knowledge base: Would you guys like a section where you can submit links in categories? Somewhat like reddit style where you can vote things up or down, and over time we can build a good resource of tutorials, assets, articles, etc?

Market this game: Ok so a game page and marketing that game is the core of what GDU was built on...I haven’t forgotten about it. So I have emails to editors and writers and all kinds of people in the indie game industry. I have the ability to send them all an email about your game with a marketing subject line that will get them interested and possibly feature your game on tons of websites.

Originally this was going to be a one-click automated tool that you could press a button and an email would get sent to these guys about your game. I ended up taking that out because of the obvious possibilities of abuse and spam, and I don’t want these guys to hate me...

Would you all be interested in a process where you submit your game, it gets peer reviewed and reviewed by administrators, then if it gets approved, it goes out in a marketing promotional blast? How important would that feature/system be to you?

Special Title: I want to give you guys a special title that only the first 100 recruits get and no one can ever get ever....before we open up GDU to others via invite codes. I was thinking "Early Adopter" but the initials are EA and I hate EA. Thoughts?

Friends or Followers?: Ive already built a friend system that allows you to "connect" with someone. Youll then get notifications when they post on the forum, post things etc. I was thinking though, would it make more sense to do a one-way follow system rather than a 2 way friend system? What are your thoughts?

Dev Blogs: Do you guys want the ability to chronicle your progress as you work on your game? We could have a newsfeed style dev blog page with all developers youre connected to, show your latest dev blog on your developer profile or even on your game page. What do you think?

That’s it for now, but ill update this as more things come in. If you've got additional suggestions, feel free to throw those in too.

Thanks for being a part of the underground!

Disturbing13 #73 20 215

Here are a few of my thoughts on what you've presented.

Game Rating System-I like the idea of primarily only members being able to leave comments, keeping it a peers only rating system. This way we can recieve constructive criticisim from other creators. Perhaps even requireing a comment with the rating would help. If we want non creators to rate games, perhaps still require a mailinglist mebership to keep them informed of changes.

Game Comments-See above suggestion.

Private messages, profile comments or both?-I think private messages would do. Anything broader can be handled in the forums.

Knowledge base-That sounds like a great idea! Anything that could add or help a new or even seasoned developer would be capitol.

Market this game-I'm all for the submission system before launching the marketing is approved. I think it would vastly help build the reputation of this site as one that assist in putting out quality work.

Special Title- Here are a few sugestions, Founding Member, VIP, Alpha Member, Precursor Member, or just Precursor, Predecessor, Initiator, Pioneer Member. That's all I have for now.

AffinityChris #58 12 146

In the same fashion as Disturbing13, here are some thoughts on our/my end:
Game Rating System: I can definitely agree with the idea of only GDU members being able to vote, simply as a way of having the community of developers really decide what's the best content on here. Whenever those are open to public it becomes much too easy to see people just have people mindlessly rate their work and make it seem better than it really is (though of course, if there's a higher flow of traffic of random people than people that spam, I suppose it could be offset to be accurate). I suppose the ideal set up would be to have the "community rating" and the "people's rating" kind of set up (much in the fashion of things like "Editor's choice" vs. "Top rated" that you often see in many markets), but I would still argue that the GDU rating would be more important.
Game Comments: I definitely have no problem with DISQUS, it's simple and easy to understand. Not to mention that even if we restrict voting to GDU members, it would be nice to be able to see comments from the non-GDU person.
Private messages, profile comments or both? I'd say if I had to choose, private messages would probably be more useful, however I suppose at the same time that's what email could be used for. I'd say that most of what you'd find profile comments being used for would probably be the same as how we use the forums.
Knowledge base: I think that would be pretty cool, though I've never personally used a system like that. However if people use it a lot, I can see that becoming a pretty useful system.
Market this game: I'm actually really happy you removed the "one-click" method, simply because I feel that if we as developers rely on systems like that to reach out like that, it just feels like "bad form", or impolite even - especially if people use it to spam. As for the submission process, I think that would be wonderful and an awesome way of really helping the content that shines to really reach the other promotional systems.
Special Title: Awww, now I feel even more special. I'm okay with calling it whatever everyone feels is right, though I do really like the sound of "Pioneer" as Disturbing13 suggested above

All in all though, we definitely appreciate you keeping your mind open to our thought and feedback. I'm excited to see what we all drive the GDU into!

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

Just to update you guys...

Decided to go with the 1-way follow system...It will basically act as a subscribe button, so youll get notifications when someone you follow posts a a forum post, creates a thread etc. Its already working and running, just finishing up a few more odds and ends before I roll it out.

I have a re-design of the profile pages with interests, skillset, motto, followers, and following...and your pioneer badges.


================== FUTURE PLANS AFTER NEW RECRUITS ============

Im going to implement the game rating system as developer only at first, and ill roll out the public ratings later. When that happens, ill merge all ratings into one to show publically.

Going to go ahead and plan private messages AND profile comments. Profile comments will give you the ability to disable them in the 'my profile' option.

Teams are planned, and eventually youll be able to add people that follow you into a team, and then transfer your game to the team's ownership, so that everyone on the team can edit the game.

Knowledgebase is a go but distant priority.

Dev Blogs (and a dev blog newsfeed) is a go and also a distant priority.

I have something else in mind completely for the market this game option...but ill throw that at you guys when I organize my ideas more and get closer to development.

Disturbing13 #73 20 215

Cool deal and very spiffy badge BTW! Proud to bear it on my digital lapel!

InstantLife #98 47 315

Nice Badge idea! I love all the new stuff rolling in...

AffinityChris #58 12 146

Very nice! I love the badge and I'm excited to get to see the stuff in the works. Do you think there'll be additional badges along the line? Things awarded for certain people meeting certain criteria - I think that could be interesting, though that's dependent on what goes on with the GDU after the official launch I suppose. -CWeiss

Jan@Sector49 #46 7 63

Here's what I think:

Game Rating System: Only GDU members should be able to rate them. Sounds logical to me, as you can't even like something on Facebook without being registered.
Game Comments: DISQUS is good here I think. Facebook and Twitter integration are good, so more users can comment. Sadly I haven't been able to see any comments on Canalyst, but I think, it works just fine.
Private messages, profile comments or both?: Private messages would be awesome! And because this platform is all about the games posted, there shouldn't be profile comments.
Knowledge base: Sounds like a good idea, but only if it would be for GDU members only. I think that the Knowledge Base would otherwise mutate to a Spambot Base.
Market this game: Awesome idea. Go ahead! Very important, because publicity is the best thing that can happen to an indie game.
Special Title: I like the "Pioneer" title, too. Thank you for caring about the first users that much! :) That badge looks nice by the way!
Friends or Followers?: A follow system would make more sense for me. Otherwise you'd get far too many notifications and would lose the overview
Dev Blogs: Awesome idea, too! That way everything about a game would stay in one place - compact, effective and convenient.

I hope, I could help you a little with that.



Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

You guys rock !!!

@Affinity Archives
Yes! More badges are in your future. Theres going to be 2 types of badges, auto-earned badges and awarded badges. Auto-earned badges are like for reaching 1000XP, or 100REP etc or 100 forum posts...stuff like that. Still working on all of that though. And then awarded badges will be for significant contributions to the community, or winning contests ETC. Thinking about awarding one for coolest game in the game jam thread. Also toying with the idea of bumping people up from 'recruit' to some other title in the future. Incentives for engagement and participation I think are a core part of this.

In addition, rank right now is real-time...Very soon im going to be shifting it to a once-a-day rank update that will give everyone notifications when they move up or down in rank. And also, badges and engagement levels will be added into the ranking algorithm.

2 More things for you guys:

Android App: So I realized this site actually sucks for mobile...and I know im on this thing like all freaking day, most of that on my cellphone...and its tarting to get annoying. Would you guys use an android app with an interface made for mobile, but with the same basic functionality as this site? How many of you are on computers all day anyway? How many of you actually run android?

Limit "Plus Rep": Right now you can give out unlimited rep. The thing is, I realize this can be exploited quite easily... You guys are trustworthy and its working very well so far though...just like it was inteended. Do you think we should limit your ability to give out, say, only +3 rep a day? Do you think that makes it more valuable? Or do you think its cool the way it is, just prevent repeated rep giving by account.

Thanks guys!!

Disturbing13 #73 20 215

Android App-I'm on pc mostly but i will be buying a tablet to expand into the APP market. Limit "Plus Rep"-When we get more of the public in here we may have to restrict it to avoid inflation of numbers. If we do that maybe the amount of rep you can give would depend on your rank and how many ranks we would have. Example-If there are 5 ranks then every rank you recive the abilaty to give an extra per week or day.

Jan@Sector49 #46 7 63

Android App: Well, I use iOS, but for GDU I'm at the PC. A mobile site would be nice, but not necessary. The Android app should get some more attention when GDU goes public. Limit "Plus Rep": I'm with Disturbing13 on this one again. Greetings, Jan


Better late than never!

Game Rating System: GDU members only unless you figure out how to block the 'fakes'... those people who post up Give me a 5 and ill give you 5! I hate those.. Earn it on your own merits.. not because of how many people you can con..
Game Comments: Disqus seems ok so far..
Private messages, profile comments or both? A PM system wouldnt be bad.. pretty quick and easy to write.. otherwise, use the forums.
Knowledge base: sounds good to me! a database of resources and links to share would be awesome..
Market this game: peer review I like. I am so sickened already by the windows 8 marketplace.. and all the hundreds of absolute crap out there.. the blatant copyright vio.. yeah.. nevermind. i better stop my rant now.. peer review = good..
Special Title: EA isnt bad.. might get sued.. lol GDF.. game dev founder.. void GameDev() .. GDU Initiate.. no.. dont like that.. tho GDUI is cool.. I dont know..
Friends or Followers?: Follow system would be of more use on a site like this I think.. otherwise everyone is going to friend everyone and.. yeah.. a follow system would be good..
Dev Blogs: Something like that wouldnt be bad. I think a lot of people already have dedicated sites, but im sure theres a lot that might use it..

Android App: I use android daily.. I use android at work to tether the laptop to get on here.. lol An app would be good.. not a priority, but.

Limit "Plus Rep": Definitely limit this.. otherwise see my comments about the ratings.. people having people +rep them just to get to the top of the list..

AffinityChris #58 12 146

@Tim - Very cool, I look forward to seeing us all go crazy to try to get those badges

As far as the new thoughts go:

Android App: I can't say any of us will particularly find use for that (especially since we're all in front of our PCs nearly all day), however I'm certainly not against the idea. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a lot of devs out there that would appreciate that.

Limit "Plus Rep": I'm glad you've been thinking about that as well. I think that's definitely a necessity to prevent the inevitable inflation of it once the doors start opening up (especially if it can be exploited when your buddies join the GDU and give it to you just so you seem popular). I think a 3 per day limit is a good start, but I'm almost wondering if there's a better solution somewhere... Perhaps it could be something like a max of 1 rep that can be earned per "Post", "Update", or other various places that we all interact with each other? It starts to sound a lot like Facebooks' "Like" system, however it would certainly encourage people to post more rather than simply abuse the system (plus if they post a lot of nonsense and try to abuse it that way, it's immediately obvious that they're being jerks").
Either way, hope the thought helps,


You know, I like Affinity's earn rep to give away idea.. You know, the more active a user you are on the site, the more you can earn to give away to others.. that way you dont have an influx of new accounts just dumping rep on people.. if they arent active, well..

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

Thanks guys!!! Youre a big help. @affinity I like that idea. 1 Forum post per rep to give out could for sure work...IDK though ive seen those posts that are like "Good Job" and stuff like that...where...they look positive but they also could be post boosting. What if we say something need at least 1 rep and 10 XP to give out rep at all...and then you can give out 1 rep a day...10 rep and 100 XP = give out 3 rep a day and so on?? The idea is the more you do, the more XP you get....but the more you contribute value, the more rep you requiring rep to get rep I think is a way of making sure people post valuable stuff, not just stuff. What do you guys think?


Yeah, i like the idea.. I hate it when things can be falsely inflated.. so your plan actually would work.. the other thing you can do, if you really want to take the time, to avoid thos "good job" posts. Use a word count.. 9 times out 10 if a post is going to be useful, its not going to have just 3 words.. make it so posts under 10 words dont count..

AffinityChris #58 12 146

Ohh, I like that idea. It's certainly something that people that have a lot of XP could really appreciate as a benefit of being so active. I suppose the other way you could spin my suggestion is that people can only give a user rep based off of that user's post.

So I would post, other uses could each "Plus Rep" a maximum of one time on that post - thus giving the user that posted rep if people "like" what they had to say. That's actually what I meant by it would be similar to a Facebook style "like" system.

However in all honestly I do really like your new idea @Tim, I think that's definitely a really good way to reward users for having as much XP as they do.


Disturbing13 #73 20 215

Indeed, I'm all for more credit for posting valueable stuff as opposed to just stuff as the basis.

DanaLovesVidya #69 20 138

About the Android app: Yes, please! I don't have home internet so even now I am on my Galaxy S II. And yes this site is very tough for mobile users.

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