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YEAH BUDDYYYYY... i just made a map in UDK and set it to the default game mode then i successfully cooked and packaged the game into an installer then i put the installer up on dropbox so you all can dload it... in a nutshell: I MADE A VIDEO GAME TYPE THINGY AND I THINK YOU SHOULD FLIPPIN' DLOAD DAT SHIZ... ... its not much of a game and dont explore the map too much cuz i didnt finish it lol... all this i just made with a map then added the UTDeathmatch game class so you could launch the map and run around with a gun... not much of a purpose to it as much as it is a land mark/achived goal for me... i would love if you guys downloaded it and played it!


I did get it to work.. it downloaded, installed and ran fine.. now, take no offense at all to what im about to say, because i say the same thing for almost all FPS types since to me they all look the same.. i would say the same thing to GTA or COD or quake stuff... it ran, i wandered around a bit, didnt see much that interested me, exited out.. But, it does work and did run..

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Mine didnt work it just wouldnt open.

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