My new website is live

MPRart #143 17 128

I spent the last two days working on this non stop, finally happy enough with it to make it live.
Check it out and leave comments, critiques, etc. I'd love to hear opinions from other indies.

JForthDesigns #10 9 502

Very nice. Clean, responsive, snappy. Looks good and does the job, on more than one platform. Do you compose any sort of music? I need something that I would describe as 'Epic' music. Think of big chase scenes or the usual style for trailers.

Abscond #151 4 61

Nice site. Very sleek design. That "The Lady" artwork is kinda disturbing but I like it. You do fabulous work with your music.

MPRart #143 17 128

Thanks guys.
Yeah Jay I compose some. Send me an email at with more info on your game, with some reference links.

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