Need feedback on diffculty curve

RedGroovy #1163 0 105

I made a 2D platformer fighting game. Currently, in the only game mode there is, you have to fight waves of enemies. There are 4 different classes to choose. The DEMO 0.2 was considered too hard, so i made a new version, focusing on making the game easier to learn, and with a better difficulty curve.

But apparently it is still maybe too hard :/

I need more people playing the new version, so i get more substantial feedback on it.

You can download it in here:
Or here:

Please tell me what you think of it, if you can. Thank you in advance!

( if possible, i would also like to know what class you chose to play with, cause the barbarian is easier for newbies.
I feel like starting the game using any other class might be a tad more scary at first, cause those require more skill )

hatmagic #1242 0 61

Where is the game? I would like to test it. I also need feedback on the difficulty curve of a game I made. It's on my profile page, I would really appreciate an outsider review.

RedGroovy #1163 0 105

I'm sorry. It seems like half the things i wrote disappeared after i posted the thread.
Or i did something wrong ( which is more likely ). I put the links back in there now :)
I'm gonna try your game as well, and give you some feedback.

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