need feedback on my first game

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Hello I made my first game a few days ago and I need some feedback please help. here is the download link :

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

I dont see a link, so I assume you mean the game on your profile. I played that.

Great start to a game dude! And congrats on your first game. Couldn't find any bugs, and the mechanic was super simple, perfect for a first game. Any plans on continuing on it? Doing some additional art? adding in powerups or anything?

Qt_01 #396 0 173

thanks , I put the link now and yes I will try to add somethink new if I will not start a new project soon.

thedavid8 #315 0 223

Hey Qt,

I think this could potentially do well on mobile with vector art and some additional gameplay elements to compliment the intuitive and simple flappy bird style movement.

Congratulations on your first game!


PsychoSTS #416 0 49


First order of business I like the simplistic idea you have going and respect from my side for keeping it simple.

Now I would love to see you take this 'MVP' to new heights by adding one or 2 more creative mechanics onto it. Maybe some visual way of increasing difficulties such as obstacles or an opponent of some sort?

Either way, well done on getting this far! I will keep an eye out for your project in the future :) 

Monovoid Games #417 0 30

Looks good for your first game.

I'm not a professional but i guess i can give you some tips;%uFEFF

  • Change the font. There are tons of free fonts on the internet and there are tutorials on youtube about importing them into unity. I think a cool font is great for first impression.
  • Menu. Menu is super important for a game aswell. Watch some unity menu tutorials, there are lots of good stuff on youtube.
  • Colors. I think colors are a bit contrast. You can take a look at popular color palettes on the internet and use them in your games.

Red Splat Games #502 0 28

I checked out the gameplay video on  Definitely a good place to start.  So many newcomers wanna build these huge games and get discouraged just after starting.

Getting to the game itself, if you're still working on it, I have a suggestion .

Add facial expressions.  Basically make a few sprites and swop them in on certain queues.  Like have triggers close to the edges and when a player reaches them, then have the sprite change to a facial expression that seems worried, or one that looks up/down at it's nearing demise.  Also, the multiplayer really gave the game more purpose, seems like it would be a lot of fun to play with a friend for a few laughs.

[EDIT]  Corrected some grammar.

MuffinMan #503 0 45

I've played your game and I like it.

Definitely good start; you have few modes, everything works fine I don't think there are any bugs in game.

You got the hardest part of it done, you wired it up properly. If you improve design and make it look more modern I believe lot of people would start playing it.

Keep up the good work buddy :)

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