Need feedback on our new website

Pnm279 #312 0 107

Hello all!

We have a new website for Wormhole

It's fresh new so might not look perfect, we are working on it.

What do you think? :)

Btw: Tim, congratulations, i see your community grew a lot lately! great news :)

MisterTtocS #583 0 175

Where is the link to it?

Pnm279 #312 0 107 

lol so you want everything served on silver plate :P

Jk, i forgot the most important thing!


Sartoris #1039 0 92

Seems very clearly laid out to me, easy to browse, all the important information is there. And the game looks really cool and ambitious, best of luck with it! :)

Kanugane #1072 0 87

It's a fine website but the design decision with background text could be improved. Bright text is hard to read with a sun on the background. I would suggest you to add a semi-transparent box behind the text. So it would make the text easier to read while maintaining some of the background visibility!

Sartoris #1039 0 92

Kanugane's comment is spot on, the letters can be hard to read. Personally, I'd also change the bottom part of the website, and replace the flat purple area with black, or something more space-y :D Also, the stretched photos at the bottom of the page should be replaced, I think.

Pnm279 #312 0 107

Thanks guys! :)  good feedback there. Will try to fix it.

Micahtron #1128 0 18

I agree about the text vs background issue. I would use black panels with a bright border in the same color scheme you're currently using, which is awesome by the way!

Also once you get to the Team section in the website footer everything seems like an afterthought, like "oh yeah, and here's us BTW". Maybe have a dedicated Team or Presskit page where the same design applied to the rest of the website can really shine as well. Overall, the design looks amazing, and provides a feel for the game, genre, and narrative without even playing or reading about it yet.

ChompIV #1130 0 40

I really like it! I think there are too many colors but if you blend it a bit more itll be beautiful :)

MonkeyZero #1156 0 17

I am not really that great with website design. so to me, that looks fairly good if a little standard. nice art.

bruce.cichowlas #1157 0 17

It looks pretty sharp and has a nice glow to it.  The fonts look classic for a game like this.  I wonder how much will happen on the Wiki.

richard.daskas #1174 0 102

The site and game are looking pretty good! The layout of the site works well. Besides the font brightness problem with the background, I kind of find the font style itself to be distracting and makes it hard to read. This is only in the text body area where the bulk of the text is. It's a very wide text and seems great for titles and buttons, but not for the main part. Also, the call to action "Subscribe" button seems like it needs some love. Maybe center it and enlarge? The text could maybe even be changed to go along with the theme or story of the game. And don't forget to double-check the wording/spelling/grammar of the main text area, too.

Pnm279 #312 0 107

Wow thank you all!! :) will keep all that in mind. Will update soon.

RedGroovy #1163 0 105

The background art looks pretty interesting. I just think you should have videos or gifs right after the Title, instead of having a bunch of text most people wont read.

And i personally dislike the static background with things scrolling in front of it, but maybe that's just me.

You could follow the landing page tips on this video:
( one of Tim's best videos in my opinion )

CWD_gamedev #1241 0 33

Looks very nice. My only issue was that it was a little difficult to read the description of the game because there were some bright parts in the BG image. (I'm aware that I can scroll to orient the paragraph over a darker part). It's not a huge deal, but perhaps you might use a darker image or one that's dark in the middle so the lazy reader doesn't have to strain their eyes. Just my two cents. Looks like a great project though!

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