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Jeremythegamer11 #888 0 20

I am looking for a tool to make game sounds and music with.


Audacity is what I've been using. Its free and easy to learn and there lots of tutorials on Youtube for it.

Additionally, you'll probably want a mic for recording, the particular mic will vary depending on your budget. I purchased a Blue Yeti mic on Amazon for $120 and it has professional level recording quality.

Jmcm16 #1004 0 37

Audacity is a good start for SFX. Doing a quick Google search, I found Soundation as a free music solution for music creation. It will have a steep learning curve, for all DAWs (digital audio workstation) do. But with enough time, you can get some fairly good results, as well as download them as MP3s. Also can be used commercially.

If you are looking to get more serious in music making, there are more advanced alternatives and programs that are offline. Hope this helps!

Gullberger #1070 0 108

This is a online-tool to make basic 8bit-style-SFX. 

Fruityloops(isnĀ“t free) is another great tool to do SFX and music, many big musicartists use it.

Search on youtube (top 10 best soundtools) and you will have answers.

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