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Hi , I need some feedback on my new game , it would help a lot if you guys could help :) the link is


Sorry, but I already see 2 Problems with this Game:

1. This Game needs a Epilepsy Warning before it starts.

In order to make such a Epilepsy Warning Screen, you could use some Tips from this Menu, so it doesn't go away unless the Player clicks on Continue:

YouTube Video / Google Search for Epilepsy Warning Text

2. I can't tell if the Player is supposed to go further despite no longer holding down the Arrow Keys,

but if not, you should

ask on Unity Answers and/or GameDevUnderground

how you can make the Player Stop after no longer holding down the Arrow Keys. Of course, you also need to Include your current Move Script for this Game, otherwise no-one could possibly help because of Lack of Information.

Zulhuky #1656 0 41


There is sometime when I feel like I have to die. When two ennemis a bit close spawn just above me, I have no way to dodge them (I think).  Beside that, it would be cool to have a background more static lol, because there is too much color too fast. The mecanic is pretty simple, it would be cool to have some bonus, for example on to reduce the size of the player (with an exponential difficulty)

Steve Cameron #1660 0 43

Simple game works really well. I'm not keen on the flashing background but I do love the 8bit style music.

STORMFATH3R #1666 0 29

I like your game here is my review


The spacing of the frowning boxes is really well done.

Fun and easy to play

Music is good

Where you can improve:

Make the play stop on arrow release

Change the background color more slowly

Add a little more change to the game play to extend playability like Zulhuky said Size change and speed increase over time.

Great simplistic game, keep up the good work!

Sluggy #1662 0 35

Just to support what's been said above: I think the player should stop when the arrows are released and the background should change more subtly and slowly. Perhaps you could look into using Color.lerp() to fade the colors over time.

Other than that, nice work! Simple and fun. Good choice of background music.

Weird Nerd #1739 0 22

i like how music changes over time and other than that i think if the background colors change smoother it will be much more psychedelic keep it up

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