Need to get some momentum here...


Definitely need to get some momentum going Tim! Get them invites out there and let's make this place rock! Hey, speaking of this place, what are the credits for just out of curiousity? And I can haz mor?

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

I'm with you man! Making a few changes before I send out any more invites

Credits are a fragment of the GDU that was supposed to launch.

Initially, I had plans for a "Feedback Friday" system, where recruits could offer X amount of credits per piece of feedback they receive. So you spend credits to pay for helpful specific feedback, and you earn credits by giving feedback to others. And that whole system would only be live each Friday. Had something planned for Screenshot Saturday as well that used those credits.

Basically the idea is that you can acquire a currency by helping the community with things you're good at, and you can spend it to buy things you need (like feedback).

Didnt get near that for launch :(


Interesting idea though.. and something to keep working towards

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

Yeah totally. Its still on the agenda.

There are just some things that have taken priority like Email Notifications and a tour/better on-boarding process to get people more engaged when they join. Helping recruits get started and keeping them coming back are critical things im still trying to get right before the bulk of the invites go out.

Swingkid #209 0 45

I have been planning for some time to make a crowdsource points system. It sounds like a bit more comprehensive / advanced then what you are proposing. However your idea would be a good way of trialling it on a smaller scale.

On Gameful they had a point system that I hijacked and turned into a skill swap currency which was an interesting and successful experiment in my view. I helped for a while with an online teen entrepreneur program that used a point system. Was very successful.

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