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Hi guys, i began teaching myself how to develop games so i can have fun and who knows one day profit. I want to know if you have some tips for me and tutorials, i'm already using unity and have some basic knowlege of programming.

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Hi Dign97.

I've been using Unity exclusively since starting game design in 2014.  It's an amazing tool and I highly recommend you stick with it.  As for tips, I'd say maybe don't go for too much tutorials.  Rather go at your own pace and play around with what you find interesting.

The way I learnt was by adding components to gameobjects, seeing what they do and ultimately exploring only those that captured my interest.  I then head over to the Unity documentation and looked at examples of how to use them along with all their variables, methods etc. as well as a comprehensive explanation of each.  It wasn't long before I was very familiar with most things, and best of all, I had a firm understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the different parts and components of Unity.

Tutorials can be great, but there's many ways to skin a cat and it would be a shame if we all did it the same way.

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1 @ Red Splat Games

I totally agree. I personally found it best to build a very simple scene with a very simple goal/output, and then when I got stuck, searched for a solution online. By doing things this way, you learn how to find example code which tackles a similar problem to your own unique situation. What's more, is because it's not a tutorial where you are literally guided step-by-step, you get your brain used to problem solving. You go over your code block in question, compare it to the working example code of what you would like to achieve, and learn how to modify/enhance your own code with snippets of the example code. It can be very frustrating at first, I know. I'm a 3D artist and learnt how to program by myself, by building simple little random projects, then using Unity's forums and scripting manual for specific functionality.

Example project: (Drag a cube into the scene, then simply keep adding cool, random functionality to it.)

Then with script:

- Make the cube rotate slowly over time.

- Try make the cube rotate faster or slower.

- Make it grow and shrink over time.

- Make it change colour over time.

- Add a counter next to it that counts to 5.

- Make the counter count up to 5, then back down to 0 and back again in a loop.

- When the counter shows an odd number, fade the colour to blue. If the number is even, fade the colour to yellow.

- Play an audio clip when the cube's material colour is yellow.

- Learn to stop/start coroutines etc. etc.

Doing it this way made it very fun for me to learn, and I could go at my own pace and learn specific things that I wanted to learn. Hope this helps ;)

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I agree with AppsByBrats, although keep it fun while you go. Don't just do it in a specific order, look at what you want to do at heart and start there and do it in a randomized order based on what you feel inspired to do.

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