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On A Rimworld is my first game project. Well, technically not. I've had to abandon a few others in order to downscale or because of life. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to them once I'm better at programming or have a team that can compensate for me.

In OAR, you start playing the story of a man having just landed in an evac pod. This is kinda spoilers, but you have no way out. The evac pod was damaged, and so you have limited oxygen, power supply, temperature, and etc. You could call it a survival story game. Here's my beginning pitch when first showing people the idea:

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Gmanicus #1153 0 53

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"All personell, evac immediately. Code black. Repeat, code black."

Your evac pod lands with a thunderclap, it's shocks barely managing the GForces effecting your unresponsive body. Your mind breaks from it's shock-induced day dream, and you begin to break down as the stress of the situation bares down on you. You wonder, sobbing, whether any of your partners landed.

Or if you're alone.....

On a rimworld...

I've got the bare bones of the intro sequence going. It shows the system booting up and giving a damage report and system check. This is also aided by some bells and whistles I like to call... "digital LEDs". I basically made a few lights, but they are getting me hyped up for when I can get the other lights and graphics elements working. The one I currently have programmed shows a level that scales between story elements. I made it reusable so that I could use it for any necessary story elements. It adds quite a bit to the atmosphere.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. I'll be posting here every once in a while, that probably being once a week because of school. You can follow me on Instagram (hello.coder) and Twitter (HelloCoder_) if you'd like. I post videos and photos there. I may eventually get them here too, but for now I must go.



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