Player object is shaky and glitching in Construct 2

Mikus #1674 0 47

Hello. I wasn't sure where to post this so i chose general discussion.

A few things:

I am using Construct 2 (free edition if that matters)

I am very new but it appears some step by step tutorials require me to download sets that i receive once i buy the personal edition so i am doing things on my own and using finished examples as a learning tool

I am making a platformer (as opposed to making top down game in their other tutorials)

i am using a method to create an invisible rectangular sprite as my player, and a separate sprite as my player image, which they claim should be the method to avoid shakiness and glitching of the player upon platforms

My problem is that i am copying their example as best i can to avoid glitching out whenever i stand on a "solid" platform object, but whenever i run the game, it still does it. The PlayerImage(actual character sprite)

Edit: I've also tried deleting the Player object, and replacing the Playerimage obect's behaviors from Pinned to my other behaviors that the Player had; physics, and platform. My character just keeps bouncing uncontrollably and sometimes jumping won't even work until it's stabalized and stops jerking back to the left.

Steve Cameron #1660 0 43

Could it be that you are playing an animation giving a flickering effect?

Are you able to post a gif or video to show whats going on?

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