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Hello, I was thinking to write this for a while, but i thought it wasn't needed. Until some recent events.

My story is: I loooove to create games. It's my passion, I do it for 7 years, started from gamemaker went to UDK and many more until i landed on my favorite engine. Unity.

I recently finished army(its a must in my country). It was a huge waste of time and resources. But i learned one thing. Life is small and time is worthfull. So i decided to start my first game for android. Meanwhile, my parents were push me to find a work. I went to a web development team. 9 hours per day for 20$. And the boss, owww the most mean person. With the support from some close people i decided to start and continue doing what i love. So i finally ended my first game.  It was an android game , i didnt expect much. I didnt even promote it. But i was so happy and proud. Finally i was doing what i love! A month passed by, and my parents was like. Uhmm try that job, go to this site ,search something.

I was like ahhh okay...

I went to some jobs, but after a while my brain or my heart was saying some stupid stuff to not get the job because i knew deep inside i couldnt be happy. I was afraid that maybe i wont have time to continue game development. 

I didnt take the jobs, and i was happy inside. Meanwhile i was writing a scenario for a game named situ which i recently making. 

So i decided to discuss with my parents that i want to give all my time to making the game. But they dont understand the internet. They think i play games and not making them. They supported me at first and those where the most creative days. But then, it started again. Do something with your life, do that, do the other thing, you cant be successfull with internet or without a physical job. I was soooo mad at them. So it started to bring me down. Almost i got depressed. Meanwhile i tried some freelancing websites just to show them you can make money from the internet. But i never got picked for a project. I searching some space and relaxation throught games by playing them. I just thinking i should drop my pc to the recycle and start working at McDonalds. I just cant stand it. I write this because Tim Ruswick  you once said about negative people in life.

Please i'm begging for advice. I'm begging for a solution. If anyone can bring me a way out of this.

I want to ask sorry for my bad english.

Thank you sooo much for your time and really sorry once again. 

Code_Guy #615 0 33

I don't know why nobody has commented yet for this post .... i really want to help but i think i'd be at the same situation as u soon , since i'm in love with game dev and programming in general but i'm always doubting myself :/ ... maybe that's not very helpful for ya but i just want you to know that you're not alone 

iSalts #840 0 15

Sorry, but I really think you're wrong. Wait, let me explain.

Put yourself in the place that your parents are: You had a child, you paid school/college for him, you gave almost everything that you can afford for him and then he just don't want to get financial independence. I had the same problem before, my parents were a real pain in the ass. They always said "Do this, do that, work, etc" but I always, like ALWAYS, wanted to make games. Then after spending some time thinking about this subject, I saw that I was wrong too and now I know that I really need to do something to have my financial independence first, then I can spend my time working on something to achieve success with my game development career.

See? You being independent, you can do what you want. So, why don't invest some years of your life doing something to make money, to make you independent, and then invest in yourself?

Hope you understand me, bro. I really don't want to make you mad at me. If you need someone to talk to, you can count on me. I'm a Brazilian, but I know a little bit of English too. Cya.

Edward #831 0 35

I work a regular job to pay my bills and work on game dev in my free time. As for how that's going for me... I have a blog.

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

Mario, I missed this the first time around, I apologize dude.

Life is hard. And most of the time the things we feel destined to do in life are the things that are the hardest. We all feel down, depressed, and out of it some days. We all feel like quitting. But the trick is to just make a little progress each day. Its not the end of the world if you do get a job or something...thats not failure. Failure is stopping. Failure is not moving forward.

You can do it man! And if you want me to play your game (or if its ready?), Im doing a livestream Feedback Friday tomorrow where I play community members games! Link is in the discord.

Good luck man.

JayDawn #1042 0 1

Right now I am working my full time 40 hour job, and dedicating "part-time" level of hours to learning game development. I aim for a minimum of 15 hours per week spent on either learning art, code, music, etc.

Unfortunately we need to put our financials first and foremost, but if we work hard enough in our free time, someday our game development may be in sync with our financials and we can do it full time! Just have to work towards it.

Gullberger #1070 0 108

You must pay your bills, and you must eat, and to do that you must have a income. If you not making income of your game right now, you must have  a daytime-job, that´s the reality. 

I work over 40h/w and both play and make games on my freetime. I also spend my freetime in my garage, fixing old cars, and hangout with friends. 

If you only spend 1hour per day on your gameproject, it will be finished pretty soon, if not? the project is probably to big.

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