Post a screenshot of what you\'re working on!

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

Hey Guys!

So its been a while, I would love to see what you guys are working on. Anyone want to share?


I just posted my new night time levels for Lady Goldfish, so why not share it here as well.. Viola! Night time.. dark.. spooky... who knows whats out there floating in the dark...

Still planning on going back and finishing my shark bites game.. =D Going to move it to fuckity (my name for Unity).. but still need a shark sprite that I can actually use.. kinda ripped the last one.. ;)

Gorogorosama #170 29 65

Recently finished my first complete Unity game, Lawn Mower Extreme!

Was good to brush up on programming. Will probably try to rework it into the Indie Quilt. You can play the current version here, if you feel so inclined :)

Who's next?

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068


Finishing something feels great doesnt it? Thanks for sharing!

diceman #1205 0 37

I'm currently working on Procedural Generation for my little hobby project (a Roguelike Dungeon-Crawler).

Just got loops in layouts figured out:


- A bit more "ragged" look for the rooms, less "square"

- Interior Walls

The Dragon God #1178 0 19

I'd show some but can't paste screenshots here.

MisterTtocS #583 0 175

Remaking one of my old games, Panic 30

EDIT: Ok, so apparently putting the image in the post was working, so I will just post a link:

Yeah, click HERE

CWD_gamedev #1241 0 33

Hey guys, I'm new here but have been working on my game for two years. Here's a shot from a boss fight:

5 years ago

Roy Loh #987 0 40

Initially I thought I will share a screenshot but....

I didn't know I need to upload the image to another site and post the link. I thought there is an attached button. And my noob self doesn't know how to delete this post. I am so sorry about this reply. 

BHXSpecter #1285 0 24

I'm not working on anything. I seldom am.

Centipede5 #1363 0 10

Browser-based third person shooter, soon to be battle royale


Abuelitovip #1380 0 21

Video example of my first game in progress.

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