Reaper of the Undead is now available - I need your feedback


Hey, how's it going everyone?

I've been working away at my first commercial game, and it's finally released.... kinda. It's still in Alpha, but it's available to play. Any and all feedback is appreciated.

Links are below. Pick whichever platform you prefer.



Game Jolt:

LawrenceParry #531 0 123

Really cool, unusual control scheme for the kind of game but pretty intuitive. I think the enemies are pretty easy to avoid by just strafing around them, perhaps this could be dealt with by making the AI attempt to surround the player or by making them move unpredictably. I don't think the game should start with asking the player to choose 3 upgrades, as the player doesn't know how the game works yet so they aren't going to know what to pick. Those are my only gripes, other than that looking really good :)


Ohh, I never thought about that with the upgrades. I reckon a tutorial would clear that up. Thanks for the feedback, I'll keep note of your suggestions.

DragonKnight #425 0 389

the game looks really good and there are no bugs that I have encountered. what you could do more now you have the core gameplay.

-I don't know how many enemies there are in your game. I have counted 2 so far so maybe you can add more with different kind of behaviors.
-just like LawrenceParry said a tutorial would be nice. I didn't know that I had to use the mouse because I am so used to the WSDA controls.
-graphics look good enough no complaints about that.
-you can work also more on the environment. make it interesting because every level looks the same. take a good look at nuclear throne form Vlambeer.


-if you want to learn more polishing Vlambeer has also this video how to make your game more kick ass.(it's fully English)

I hope to see forward what can make of it.

kind regards.

RethinkRetro #497 0 46

I really love how polished this game is. But I agree with some of the points other people have made. The controls are uninuitive if your playing with a mouse on a desktop. but I think if this were a mobile game the one button control scheme would feel more at home. on desktop this begs to be played with WASD and the mouse (like SAS zombie assault or other top down shooters).

I also personally think difficulty in the beginning of the game should be decreased by spawning in less zombies because with their AI they VERY quickly surround you and you don't have the upgrades to attempt to get away. Plus the system used to target and shoot them involves less fast-paced twitch game play and more strategic positioning and planning (which I appreciate). 

Really enjoyed the game and its polish and I can't wait to see its later incarnations as you continue working on it :)


Cheers dude! WASD controls seem to be a common complaint. Thanks for the feedback

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