Recruits, welcome to the underground. Introduce yourselves here!

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

Welcome recruits!

First, I want to really welcome you to this awesome community, and say that it has been quite a journey to build this thing over the past few years. I'm glad to have you here and I hope you'll stick with us as we grow. You're awesome, and I want to let you know I appreciate you taking the time to join.

So as invites get sent out over the coming days and weeks, we'll be getting an influx of recruits here in the underground. This is intentionally being done slowly, unlike the year 1 launch - so as we grow, there are things I'd like to mention.

As we grow, I want us to focus on 2 primary things:

  1. Being patient with lack of content as the user-base grows.
  2. Being friendly and welcoming to all users, no matter their origin or skillset.

There is a ton planned on the technology end that is coming over the next few months that will make the underground the #1 place to be, and one of the very few places on the internet focused on success as an indie developer.


With that said, I'm glad to have you here!

Whether you're a returning veteran or a new recruit, tell us all a little bit about yourself!

Bangs #179 0 16

Hey everyone! Bangs here. I'm an artist and game designer. I have a little experience with gamedev and love working with creative people. Gamedev Underground seems like it may be the chance to connect with like minded people looking for real progress and discussion. I can't wait to see where this community goes!


Welcome all, new and returning. If this ride turns out anything like the original, it will be fun indeed. Lone indie developer out of Boise, ID. 42 now and been coding since i was 10 or so on everything from the timex sinclair 1000 up to unity3d, monogame, xbox, etc. Just putting the finishing bug fixes on it before I start working on promo and release.

Brad The Legend #182 0 4

What's Good!

My name is Brad and I am an indie Game and Audio Designer. I am currently between projects and taking a coding class to up my skills. I figured this would be a great way to show my moves and meet with peeps.

I expect big things from y'all!

yogert96 #39 20 289

Yo, I'm Patrick. I am a Web Designer and Developer. I really enjoy developing in PHP, Meteor, Node, and working with CSS. I create games from time to time too.

AffinityChris #58 12 146

Hello! It's cool to see the Game Dev Underground back up and running.

I'm an indie dev with Affinity Archives, primarily as a producer and artist, but I often wear every possible had at one time or another throughout the game's development.

And for what it's worth - I also run a YouTube channel called Game Devs Play Games where we play all sorts of games (indie mostly) and chat about their design. If any of you guys would like a small boost for your game, feel free to shoot me a message and we might play it on the show!

AffinityChris #58 12 146

Hmm paragraphing seems to be a bit broken since the rest of my introduction got lost ---

But now it's fixed! :)

NeoXid501 #93 0 21

I'm Carlo. Currently in college studying Software Engineering. Google Play publisher on the side.

Primarily I work on games in Gamemaker since I'm not experienced enough to tackle making an engine on my own (GML when possible, I actively avoid using D&D).

DanaLovesVidya #69 20 138

Hello and congratulations Game Dev Underground on its return!

I am currently working on an unannounced title for XenoHorizon.  I do not officially represent XenoHorizon, but I do help make their games sometimes.  We released Test Your Mind on the Wii U eShop in November of 2015, and attended E3 this past week.  It was a blast.  I really want to make game development my primary source of income.  I'm excited to have made any money at all, but I'll be super stoked if I could quit my day job and just make games.

I do programming and 2D animation rigging through Spriter.

I noticed just about every sentence in this post starts with "I"; but I have one more thing to add:  I helped jump-start GDU's very first game jam in its first incarnation.  I can't wait to see what comes of modern-day Game Dev Underground!

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

Dana, Cory and Patrick, good to have you guys back!

Neo and Chris happy to have you guys.

NeoXid501 #93 0 21

Wait how do I edit a post?

Exlex #189 0 2

Hey Guys,

Self taught programmer and game dev here, I love working on simulations and have worked on my own game called Histacom as well as a bunch of game jams. Knowledge is lacking in many areas, especially art, so am always looking to learn and make new friends and work together!

Gorogorosama #170 29 65


Been a full time designer for several years now. Tried to Kickstart an indie game last year but that didn't work out. Have another game slothing its way to release as we speak. Also a year of Unity/C# under my belt.

Looking to meet some awesome indie devs and make some great games!

AffinityChris #58 12 146

@gorogorosama - Out of curiosity, what Kickstarter did you run?

JForthDesigns #10 9 502

Original recruit here. I was recruit number 10 back in the day. 

Good to see the site back up and running Tim. It looks nice and functions well. 

I have just uploaded a new game, so, if people want to try it out, they can do. 



Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

Jay! You still are #10 man. Glad to see you back.

andyman404 #55 33 216

Hello. My name is Andrew Wang. I am a gamejamaholic.

I've participated in 31 game jams so far at the time of this writing, and even won quite a few of them. Lately, I haven't been able to work on full game projects, because with every jam, I seem to get sidetracked with a better idea! Damn these jams, why are they so tempting?!

I love making quirky 3D characters and bringing them to life, texturing/painting 3d models, and experimenting with new aesthetics and shader programming.

My usual gamedev tools are: Unity, Blender, Substance Painter, Gimp, Audacity, and even Garageband.

I'm a solo freelance web/app/game developer in Honolulu, HI.

Tiim #202 0 3

Hey guys, 

Just joined the community and saying hi. Have been into making mobile games for a few years now, currently focusing on two main projects (Samurai game) and a car simulator. 


Ched80 #110 0 23


I've just joined.  I was given an invite a few years ago, but didn't take advantage of the community then.  Now I'm (slightly) wiser and more experienced I feel this community is exactly what I need.

I'm a hobbyist developer using my train commute to work to do my development.  I've created 4 mobile titles so far for Android (Holey Cow, Planetastic, Diversion and Chronologi-kit).  Before that I dabbed in drag-and-drop FPS level design with FPS-Creator.  I've mainly used App Game Kit for development now, and recently I've moved into using the AGK libraries with c .  I've been developing games since 2010.  Since that time my games have won me an Ultrabook, an All-In-One and a tablet.

My real-world job is a Satellite Electrical Systems Engineer working on scientific probes for the European Space Agency.

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