Recruits, welcome to the underground. Introduce yourselves here!

Gotama #878 0 1

1980s I became game adicted. My granny 'enlightened' me, so I cured my adiction and sold comodore 64...started 'jedi' schooling..

2015 I came back as 'jedi'/indie game developer because of 1 reason - games (will) have important role in guiding human evolution.

Fullheartly passonate in creating inovative games which will help awakening, escapement from matrix, using  'addiction' towards peace, love and light.

Happy if this community joins similar peoples forces.

Wallace.Donegan #884 0 40

Hello, peeps,

I'm a hobbyist programmer trying to put some focus on my game development and really make some progress in moving away from my current job and into something I am really passionate about

LanceJZ #885 0 7

Hello everyone! I am on a Game Jam kick. I've been doing on every few weeks all year! ^.^

I hope I learn from all the wise people here, and at the same time maybe teach someone something.

I mostly use MonoGame with Visual Studio 2017 lately. I know C and C# pretty well.

Nice to meet you all! Remember.
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SephraDeath #890 0 37

Hi my name is john timora i'm new to this site.  I have been working on the same game for two years.  It is now just about done I left links in description.

Gabriel Moutinho #882 0 15

Hello guys, my name is Gabriel Moutinho and I'm programmer from Brazil, currently I'm studying game development and hopefully wil start developing games this year.

cheshirekatsmile101 #893 0 238


I am new to this community. I have posted some of my work on my profile. ANY feedback is much appreciated!

IHateSuchNames #898 0 21

Hey im Frieder from Germany and im 14 jears old. I like Computers and games and I love writing code and solving a problem.

Biebras #874 0 69

Hello, I'm Saulius from Lithuania. I love programming and I'm doing it for 5 years and I'm just 16. I'm working on one game Gopnik Dance, but I'm stuck at one point. My drawing and design skills suck. So I'm trying to find a 2D animator. I hope that somebody will help me because I have big hopes for Gopnik Dance. It's not a basic game, It's original. Unity for Love.

ElTipoBuho #903 0 7


I recently joined hoping to get all the help i need to start in the video game develompent industry.

I don't have much work to show, aside from few tutorials which i saved but never finished in the graphic department, but that gave me good experience, need more of it and what i need to complete a full project big enough to reveal to the public, put it in my portfolio and start my career.

Right now it's a side job from the graphic design career i just finished stufying.

casethecoolest #904 0 20

Hey guys, I'm a very prospective game developer from Los Angeles attempting to make a game in my off-time work as a video editor. R.I.P. my eyes. Excited to be here!

AlexHallon #913 0 42

Hey! Game dev student from Sweden, started making games Fall 2016 but had a rough time for a while. Motivation and energy are coming back though, and I'm ready to GRIND! Completely new to GDU, randomly discovered Tim's channel last night, enjoyed his content quite a bit and am glad I decided to check out the community! I think I'll end up being pretty active here.

Currently preparing myself to finish and let go of my first game (though I released it earlier this summer), then going to focus on a larger group project. I have several smaller projects I intend to work on one by one after the group project is over, and I like to dabble in a bit of everything! I'm mainly focusing on programming in C#, but my primary passion is game design. So far I've mostly worked in Unity, but I've tried other simpler engines like RPG Maker and Ren'py as well. There's a UE3 game I'd like to try modding at some point, but I'd like some experience with 3D games first, which might not be for a little while. Regardless, I like absorbing as much as possible!

I look forward to hanging out, sharing work and learning with and from you all!

Navdeep Singh #914 0 20

Hey Everyone, I am Navdeep and I have been learning and developing games from last 1 year. . Gamedev Underground seems like it may be the chance to connect with like minded people looking for real progress and discussion. I can't wait to see where this community goes!


Hey all, Mark here. I'm 33 and just started my Indie game studio, Odd Ocelot Games. Been wanting to make games since I was 5, and finally pulled the trigger last year. Been working on getting my first game out. I'm hopefully releasing Earth Muncher within the next month. I look forward to learning, sharing and chatting with you all!

eukocar #609 0 6

hello all. 

i am eukocar. i am currently 19 and i am new to the gaming industry.    

i am hoping to meet other motivated people around here and of course getting some helpfull feedback on the games that i and some of my classmates produce.

DanMasoomi #924 0 23

Hey everyone! I have recently discovered Tim's videos on youtube the past month or two and was blown away with his no bullshit content. I will be defiantly going ELITE! 

I'm a games designer and currently on my 1st game BUM RUN - A Cheeky Endless Runner! I pay a freelance Unity dev to bring my artwork to life. The game is due for release 1st Feb

I was part of a two man team with some other titles but they have since been removed off the app stores by the owner for updates. Before that I was an app designer UI / UX for two different companies over 4 years but realised making games is what I want to do full time. 

Right now to fund my games I work at the family Pizza place its a cool job but tough, the night shifts let me work on my dev stuff during the day and then after work! The job doesn't require much brain work so I can afford to be tired every day to get the hours in making games. 

Glad to be a part of this! 

James #925 0 202

Greetings, this is James, I am attempting to change my career late towards Game Development. It's a struggle since I have a considerably demanding career as a Development Lead in a large financial firm as well as growing a young family.

I started developing games when I was a kid on the old Commodore, haven't stopped playing games since then but my career led me in a different direction than I think where I truly needed to be.

I saw Tim's recent video and was drawn to become part of this community asap, I cancelled a meeting just to sign up and become a Gold Patreon subscriber.. I typically need a push and this is where I hope to find that motivation.   :D

DKing541 #928 0 23

Hi im new to the concept of game development but I found you through Gamkedo and want to be a regular contribitor to help grow my skills.

I have the sololearn app (highly recommend) that teaches fundamentals of many of the major coding languages. (HTML, C , C#, Ruby off and on rails etc), and I find myself constantly watching coding videos on youtube (The Coding Train is my fav). 

My issue is I have the 100 books but I have yet to create something real. The first steps are always the toughest so please take it slow as I get over my self imposed roadblock. It also helps to describe things as if you were teaching an elementary student. 

*UPDATE* I now have a Discor along with a group on facebook @load.inspiration to collab on projects and hold ourselves accountable! 

Elytrion #933 0 13

Hey yall!

Names Jed. Just another young budding game developer who doesn't know much about game development, but willing to learn everything to improve what I can do.

I know the basics of coding in C and C# (THE VERY BASICS), coding in Unity 3D and 2D, and a little bit of Game Maker Studio. I'm not very good at art (really, look at my profile pic), but I make pixel art and digital drawings from time to time. I have really only used the Unity engine to create games, and not very well.

I am here hoping to learn how to better create and start publishing games, and will try to get over my horrible work ethics to do so (I'm a victim of what the doctors call Procrastination). Really looking forward to be part of this growing community!

Chris #936 0 18


I've just started on my path to becoming a Game Dev.  I am working on getting some basic games done so I can build out my portfolio.  I would like to join a game jam in the next few months in my area. 

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