Recruits, welcome to the underground. Introduce yourselves here!

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

Glad to have you Tim, Andrew and Ched! 

JForthDesigns #10 9 502

CHED!!! Hows it going buddy! Fancy working on touch of Fear yet?.................;)

Swingkid #209 0 45

Hi Guys, I am a Game & App Producer. I have been helping Indies bring game concepts to prototype for about a year. I am good at what I do but still have a lot to learn.
I am in the process of founding a new innovative studio as well as working on a few projects. If you are looking for a project then feel free to contact me.

Ched80 #110 0 23

Jay! It goes well.  We're in the middle of our flight spacecraft build so things are mental.  I keep thinking of ToF - I'll message you.

senseQA #211 0 2

Hi guys,

I just joined. This is the project of our team - senseQA here

We are proud. It's about QA testing for games and we love playing games! :)

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

Welcome sense! ANd everyone else! Let me know if you guys need anything :)

ghardisty #212 0 20

Hello, I'm and independent developer.  I do have 2 partners, one for ideas the other for art work.  I do the programing.  We have 3 apps listed on the Apple app store, 2 on Google Play. I have only coded for iOS and had 2 more apps on the Apple app store the were just taken off for lack of updates to the apps. The games are SJ KT Lite and SJ Killing Time. The other is a folding knife designing app I wrote for a co-worker.  I'm not sure what all goes on here, but looks interesting.

Kossad #238 0 26

Good day to you all!

My name is Klaus Kaariainen and I've been in the game industry since 2009 working as an artist, designer, project manager and producer. The game companies and the game projects are pretty small scale, but I've still managed to make a living out of it. Currently I'm not an indie developer, I'm working as an project manager in a game company startup.

Here are some of the games I've been part of creating:

Hypersensitive Bob (Design, Art, Sound, Effects):

Gunnheim (Design, Art, Sound, Effects):

Airbuccaneers (Design, Art, Producer):

I'm also father of two boys who keep company to me, when I'm not making games. They make sure, that I keep myself not sitting on the computer all the time and also my mind on childish level, which I find pretty necessary when talking about game development.

Soon, I'm planning on starting my second game company here in Finland. If you are interested in hearing more, be sure to send me an email and show your interest/ask your questions: hello( at ) kossad( dot ) com

Hopefully we get a community around GDU and can build games together!

Best regards,

Klaus Kaariainen

Laggy Charms #251 0 16

Hello Everyone!

I am a new developer that works on unity projects. Good with 2D art and some programming. I have made 2 games by myself, and 3 as a team. Participated in a game jam and semi-experienced.

Pyledrvr010 #82 0 147

Hey everyone,

I'm not new to the community but as far as getting involved and trying to grow this is a new (bolder) step for me. I have been programming for some time now and got a Bachelors in Game and Simulation Programming but have not really been using it as other things have taken priority. Lately though I've been trying to get back on track and have been doing some independent development inside Unity and it's great!

Right now I work as a PC Technical Specialist for a big company and try to get some game dev done on the side.

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

Hey dude! Welcome to the underground. We're not super big yet, but we're always down to help.

Hope I see you around!

Asylum House #267 0 48

Hello everyone! We are two artists (partners in life) who went indie and we are learning programming to develop games. We have published two games on Google Play so far and working to put our games to iOS now.

This is a very hard journey and we hope to learn from all the veterans.

vtgorilla #268 0 24

Hello! I'm a solo indie dev preparing to launch my first (real) game. I watched several of GDU's YouTube videos to make sure I wasn't missing anything on the marketing side and fell down the rabbit here I am! Excited to be a part of the community.

bojans #273 0 16

Hi all!

I'm new to the game dev community. No game projects yet, except the Uni ones. Summer is bringing time off from Uni though, and I will be starting a solo, or possibly 2 person dev team up and running. Looking forward to it :)

cSpark #274 0 18

Hi there, I'm Frederik, an indie game developer from Copenhagen, Denmark. I work mainly in collabs with artists and audio people, where I do the programming and manage production, launch, website, localization etc.  Feel free to check out my latest projects and/or comment - right now I'm launching an HTML5 version of one of my old word puzzle games called WordIt2, so I'm interested in people's comments on that. 

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

Welcome guys! Glad you're here! Cant wait to check out some of your stuff!

stoarch #279 0 24

Hello. Professional programer here. I like to play and make games as well. Wishes to be part of this great community. Good luck in your projects.

GodOfMagic #282 0 20

Hey everyone,

I just joined here and I like this group already! Great idea with gamification.

I am creating games about 3.5 years now (More like playing with Unity3D, seeing what I can do, learning). This year I enrolled into unitversity into Informatics and Digital Contents (video game creation in human language  :D ).

Recently I decided to start creating a game for real, set up a Patreon account (, I'll upload what I have done in these 3 years there this weekend.

And also I'm working as a programmer.

Nounverber #286 0 10

I'm back. Nounguy. Music verber. Let's make something.

Great Gale #290 0 57

Hey Guys I'm Great Gale. I'm a graphic designer switching over to game development. Been a fan for a long time of GDU, even remember participating in the original site and forums. Glad to be back and looking forward to being a part of the community again and releasing games very soon! God Bless! GG

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