Recruits, welcome to the underground. Introduce yourselves here!

SomberDawnChad #300 0 21

Hi! My name is Chad, and my team and I at Somber Dawn Studios are brand new to the game dev industry. We've always had a passion for gaming, but all kind of settled on more "realistic" careers. Well, we're tired of that, and we want to take that passion and run with it with all we've got. We are currently working on releasing our first game, a retro speed-running platformer called Intrusion Protocol. I'll upload it as a project once I've made a few changes brought on by Greenlight's rather abrupt end.

The YouTube channel really pulled me into this community and I'm excited to be here!

dai71th #308 0 25

Hello to all the developers and artists here!

We are very happy to join this community and we hope to be useful and entertaining for you. We are a small team of 2 people with passion for scifi art and videogames and currently  have published 2 games,  Slaves of the Darkest and Cyborgdeejay.

At the moment we are busy on a third project, which will be released soon.  All our games are downloadable for free and so.. we just hope you will enjoy them!

Our developing tool is Game maker, so if anybody has questions about how we did a particular feature, we will be happy to help and share.

Pnm279 #312 0 107

Hello everyone!! 

I joined today, i always wanted to find a place with people with the same passions i have. And it seems i found it! watching Tim videos on youtube instantly drove me here, i really like all he talks about in the videos. Important stuff which is helping me with my project and motivation. 

Im currently working on a very big project and i hope to find some feedback here as well as give people my opinions on their projects. (:

So, see you guys around here!

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

Welcome new recruits! Glad to see you guys here :)

thedavid8 #315 0 223

Sup, I found this website while in search of a good place to get feedback on my game. There are a lot of things I would have done differently with my first project in retrospect so I figure it would be a good opportunity to share what I learned and also learn from others.

The names David.


Megah #320 0 1

Hey everyone!
My name is Vinicius, I'm a programmer and a beginner artist, now working as a full-time game developer. I'm excited to see what you guys are doing and also to show you my current project.


Petipois #326 0 55

Hi Everyone,

I am a hobbyist game developer, I love games and game design, especially indie games as they tend to be more diverse than AAA titles.

I spend any spare moment a day after my secular work working on projects.

Software Used: Unity, C#, PyxelEdit, Magicavoxel, Visual Studio Code

Hardware: Core i7 Laptop, Bluetooth Controller, Bluetooth Mouse

ManChildStudio #329 0 1

Hi my name is Aaron I am a solo Dev but after watching the video on being a solo Dev from Tim it got me thinking it would be nice to have a second brain to work with... I guess we shall see how that goes. I know HTML, CSS, JavaScript (for the most part) and GML. I am also an artist infact I have a new graphics tablet coming in today. Nice to meet you all.

skettyNmeebs #333 0 60

hey everyone, my name's doug. 

I'm a textbook-definition amateur programmer gone carpenter. Life got in the way of my game design goals, but now I've got some crazy plan and shit and I'm doing what I can in my free time. I mostly work in Java because that was the language I learned in my brief college career, but I have experience in C, too. I'm looking forward to meeting you guys. 

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

Welcome everyone! Glad you guys joined.  

Cryttexx #331 0 128

Hello everyone,

my name is Cryttexx. Im also an beginner. Im working with Construct 2 but no code engines neednīt be bad. My project to time is Robotory. You can look at it of course.  Im looking foward to talk with you guys. Just one question: Why is this website as small? Why arent there more useres? This website is so professional.


EJG3D #335 0 68

My name is Evan J Gasper, I am a highly trained and experienced 3D artist with a Bachelors of Science in Game Art & Design from the Art Institute of California as well as an Associates in advance technology from Central Texas college. I am proficient in most modern game engines (UE4, Unity, CryEngine, Lumberyard) and possesses a strong modeling and sculpting skill set / pipeline (Maya, 3DS Max, Zbrush, Mudbox, ReMeake). I also have great technical skill and ability in most texture / material platforms (Substance, Photoshop, Quixel). I am skilled in photogrammetry, scripting, programming and blueprinting. I love post process work and lighting. I can create a great deal of lighting profiles fairly quickly. I am also an ARMY veteran and dedicated team player with a strong background in leadership, problem solving, critical thinking. I have a website dedicated to my 3D work, it is, please feel free to have a look and contact me with any questions.

IncludeBeer #305 0 37

Hi everyone! My name is Alain. I've been a developer for over 25 years now, but only a year ago I tried to make an iPhone game for fun. I have a good day job, so it was just for fun and to learn something new, and now I'm in love with game developing! It may be a small amateurish game, but I managed to finish and release it on the App Store and I'm proud of that! ;) You can take a look if you're curious, it's GoodJunk on the Apple App Store.

josehzz #338 0 78

Hi game devs, my name is Jose and I'm a hobbist Unity Developer.

I made a lot of small games by myself and I would like to upgrade my portafolio and make games with a team of likeminded people :)

ENOS Aeon #345 0 14

Hi everyone, I'm Jonathan. I studied mechanical engineering and work in Quality Assurance in "real life" but I've always had an interest for gaming as more than a hobby. I feel like I'm at a point in my career where I want to explore additional business ideas so why not do it in something I've loved being involved with all my life?

I'm finally "dusting off" the world I've been working on and off for years and implementing it in my first game. I feel much more passionate about a game as my project than writing a novel or something of that sort with it. I'm looking forward to interacting with the community and updating with details of my work as it takes shape. Right now I'm at a pre-production level and want to solo as much of it as I can.

Fab WindSk8 #349 0 90

Hi GDU community! I'm an engineer and I recently discovered I love developing my own game as a hobby.

I didn't know anything about game dev, but with my BFF youtube, I have now 2 games in the works and I love learning! My first game is available via the beta program on App store and Playstore :

I definitely have a big progress margin, especially in the art department! 

I'm glad to join this community!!! 

Kipash #352 0 20

Hey, i love to make games, im coder and im using mainly Unity3d as game engine. 
My personal site full of my projects(not released):

I really love the idea of this community and was bit shocked that it isnt that much known already.  I'm looking forward to doing stuff here!

GrassWhooper #355 0 30

hey everyone, 

name's motasem, i am from jordan, 20 years old, i mainly use Unity3D and C# i have been trying to get better and make games, since early 2016.

my games so far, aren't much, but hopefully they'll become something great in the future. 

you can see them at.

Wil Taylor #367 0 52

Hi My name is Wil.

Game Development has been a hobby of mine for the last 3 years and I do a fair bit of Software Development as part of my day job. So figured I might as well do it for a living.

Currently still working full time as a DevOps Engineer to pay the bills but working on eventually transitioning over if I can get the funding, otherwise progress will be a bit slow.

So I have started working on a project at the moment (still in prototype phases). Will post progress on here as I go.

I have also enrolled in AIE (Australian based Game School) which is mainly to help with some of the skills I lack and hopefully meet some more Australian Indie Devs.

Would like to thank Tim for creating lots of great videos, Marketing is one area I am lacking in and  covering it while I am in the initial stages of development should help me a lot :)

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