Recruits, welcome to the underground. Introduce yourselves here!

JacksonB #407 0 9


Jackson here, I can't wait to see some of the projects all of you have, and will, put out! I'm using this platform to primarily showcase my projects as well as collaborate (hopefully) with some wonderful community members!

Currently I am studying Electrical Engineering at MSU.

LiamLugh #413 0 18

Hello friends,

I listened to Tim on the Gamkedo podcast and really enjoyed his and Chris' discussion.

Checked out the YouTube channel watched like 15 videos in a row, great stuff.

And yeah, a few years ago I realised I hated my job and career path, and decided to study games.

I'm a reasonable programmer and can model and animate, and yeah, excited to be part of the community.

Everbrave #414 0 23

Hey everyone.  Michael/Everbrave here. Just joined and wanted to do my little introduction thing.  

I've been making 2d games for a few  years.  Recently I graduated college for 3d game art and before I jump into applying for AAA studios I wanted to take a breath and get back into some solo 2d game dev once again.

Here's my portfolio in case you're curious: 

And here's my latest project (prototyped for LD39 but working on a full release): 

Anyway.  Glad to be part of the community here and meet some new fellow devs!

PsychoSTS #416 0 49

Hello, fellow indies!

I am currently a software engineer that has always had a passion for games and their development. I am currently learning game dev and loving every second of it.

I have started one or two projects getting stuck along the way. This is me making an effort to start small and finish some realistic games while learning with and from fellow developers.

I am looking forward to being apart of this community!

RobThomson #431 0 38

Hi all!

I found Game Dev Underground from the YouTube channel. I've just started a new project and have been listening to Tim's great advice while I work.

I'm an indie developer and amateur programmer living in London, I'm working on a new online multiplayer brawler in unity, in the very early stages so we'll see how it goes! I'm here for motivation so prod me if it looks like my progress is slowing!

I'm an animator with over 5 years experience in children's TV and commercials. I was nominated for best TV animation in the 2017 Annie Awards.

I often take part in Ludum Dare with my brother who is an electronic engineer and has been coding since he was young. When he became unavailable I decided to learn unity and C# for myself! I love working solo on games.

My brother introduced my to DarkBasic when I was younger but it was over 10 years before I picked up programming again.

I have many abandoned projects just because the scope of my ideas is always too large, but I'm hoping a multiplayer game with no story and small levels will be contained enough to finish!

SmallFast #453 0 74

Hi there!

I'm an aspiring game designer, that is currently learning how to make games. I started this summer and in the last two months I learned the basics of  Unity, Blender and Vector Graphic. I created two 2d games, but I decided to focus on 3d and I hope I can post my projects in this site so that you fellow developers can help me make better games. With your support maybe one day I'll open a studio!

GhySuy #455 0 21


I like making stuff but its only until very recently I've been able to make stuff. I don't fit the profile of most gamedevs I know since I didn't play a lot for a large chunk of kidhood. I make games because they make me happy. I come off as feel good and warm vibes but all the stuff I make tends to be creepy and dark. Think outer limits/x-files/twilight zone meets gummy bears and you get a good feel for me. 

I'm taking making games more seriously this year and I want to gain skills, improve my designs, and test out some ideas I have on the business side of sustainable indie gamedev. Looking forward to seeing where this site goes. Part of me is very apathetic to games industry but part of me gets filled with joy when I see people making things like gdu. 


Hey everyone,

My name's Shaun and I'm working on my first commercial game, Reaper of the Undead. Its a game that was only supposed to take 2-3 months, but it's been about a year now and still haven't finished. I've been making games for a while, but never finished anything (big surprise right?). I found out about GDU through YouTube and figured this would be a great community to become a part of. I'm in the process of learning how to make a game that is complete and actually compelling to play. Its turning out to be a lot harder than I ever imagined. But that's why I love game dev so much. I like to be challenged and to learn about something that isn't straight forward.

Wuffelschnuff #457 0 16

Hello everyone! 

My name is Manuel and I started my game development journey 3 weeks ago. I've been learning how to use engines, blender and all that stuff for like 2 years now (lots of breaks in between).
After I discovered Tim's channel I realized that have to start working towards my dream which is to finish a damn game. Well and here I am now, working out loud on Twitter, connecting with
other developers and working on the things I love - I am very glad to be part of this community now :)

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

Welcome guys! Glad to have you all <3

TheRockRipper #460 0 16

Hi guys! I'm a beginner Game Designer and Artist with an experience of 4 unfinished games. I could be wrong but I'm guessing many came here from the YouTube channel. I'm new here, so just got to know that a community existed before. Thanks Tim Ruswick for this platform. Hope to work with many people on many games.

jackwill #466 0 22

hello everyone, my name is jackson and I'm a game development student.

DragonKnight #425 0 389

Well here it goes,

hello, my name is Gino and I am a programmer and game development student.
I did some small games with teams at school. and now I working during class at my own game.

See you later.

spacemunkee #470 0 21

Hey everyone. I'm not new to game development, but let's just say I've taken a 15 year hiatus. I used to write indie games in the nineties and then gave it up for different programming jobs for the past 15 years or so. I've been inspired to get back into it and I've begun messing around again. I've decided to do #1GAM ( I stumbled onto Tim's channel today and I really respect what he's doing so I decided I wanted to be a part of the community. 

Tudserino #475 0 25

Hello guys and girls(maybe..?). My name is Tudor(Tuds is my nickname) i'm a student from Romania who works hard to develop his programming and game dev skills, and maybe learn some new things on the way..Hope everyone does great and i'm looking forward to seeing your awesome projects.


OwlHoot #478 0 16


Recently discovered this community and I'm pumped to meet you guys and work with you too. I'm a gamedev student from Peru working on my first proyect as I'm studying. Not polished or particularly good in any area but slowly getting the hang of programming (using Unity).

Looking forward to seeing what this place has in store for us ^__^

Dign97 #483 0 35

Hey! I'm trying to teach mysel how to make games using unity and started a few days ago. Looking foward to what i can learn and do with you guys :)

sLakké #482 0 44


Name is Adam, age 30, Sweden.

Tripped over Tims youtube channel the other day and got instantly hooked (great work by the way Tim, cant be said enough). Working fulltime as a system/web developer and have done so for about three years now.  During my education in computer science we had a small course in game dev and i fell in love instantly. Unfortunately I havn't got the chance to work with it so it have ever since only been a side hobby for me.

For some reason my game development motivation always seems to peek during the autumn - and this time it led me to Tims channel - which really got me inspired to take my game development one step further. Starting with joining you guys!

Cya around

(Btw, shouldnt this list order be descending ? ^^) 

Aryn/Eryn #484 0 51

Hey folks! I'm just joining this community and hope to get to know each and all of you! I'll be stopping by to view the great projects here. If you're curious about my work, check out my game's WEBSITE!

See you guys on the interwebs!

RascalFelipe #495 0 16

Hi all

I`m Felipe, I`m an artist and game dev from Brazil, I`m teaching myself how to use UE4, but I already have some experience with Unity, although I haven`t published any serious games yet.

Looking forward to meeting all of you, awesome game devs out there!

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