Recruits, welcome to the underground. Introduce yourselves here!

Red Splat Games #502 0 28

Hey guys!  I'm David, programmer and designer working with Unity.  Been making games since 2014 and been in love ever since.

I primarily joined because I watched Tim's video where he explained that things go much better when you don't go it solo.  So I'm very much interested in teaming up for a project.

ATM I'm only interested in VR however.  Started a few weeks ago after getting an Oculus Rift on the $399 sale and I'm absolutely obsessed with making games again.

You can check out the games I've published so far here:

I'm still learning a lot but anyone is welcome to give an honest opinion.  :)  How else should I learn. ;p

P.S.  Looking forward to go on this adventure with you all!!!  Also, hey Tim.  Great site and channel!

Studio Ravenheart #499 0 30

Hi everyone!

I go by Ravenheart. 

I'm an L.A. based hellbent one-man team grinding away on my defensive shoot 'em up  day and night to the Rocky soundtrack on repeat, getting it ready for PS4 and PS Vita. I haven't seen any reference to consoles anywhere though. Is Game Dev Underground PC and mobile devs only? 

I came here because I recently stumbled across Tim's channel after searching for 'marketing for indie games', since I heard from other videos that marketing is where indie releases heavily fall short, and I knew it wasn't something I had much of a grip on. After hearing him talk about 'conversion rate' in the first couple videos, my brain snapped and I've been watching through all of his videos for three days straight. Man's a GENIUS!! I had no idea! For the first time, I totally understand why corporations have marketing teams. Wow. 

I know Game Dev Underground is where I need to be because I now understand that I need to get my landing page up to par, engage in social media outreach and learn more about the various ways to hone in on target audiences before I get too close to launch and fall on my face. I am determined to ensure that my game is as successful as it can be, and doesn't suffer the same fate as the constant flood of other good indie titles do, all for the exact same reasons. I am committed to creating and finessing the 'money making machine' Tim talks about on his channel, but have never actually done it before. I've figured Facebook and Twitter ads were a complete wash after putting in $50 once, and getting three interactions from it. Now I get what must be done. So, I'm here to learn!

You all seem like some pretty awesome devs! It'll be great getting to know you guys and looking at each other's games. Please, hit me up and show me some projects! I can't get enough of game development.

Looking forward to it!


MuffinMan #503 0 45

Hello people,

You can call me MuffinMan.

I started learning Unity 3 weeks ago. I have little experience with C# from before but I'm still a beginner.

So far I've made 2 really simple games in Unity by watching tutorials and 1 by myself that I've  been working  for the past 2 weeks.

I'm still in a highschool so game development is currently a hobby and a passion for me.

Aryn/Eryn #484 0 51

What's the good word folks? I'm an old-school gamer turned recent Indie Game dev, making my first-ever RPG game for sale!  It's been dogging me for YEARS (ever since the early 2000's). So now I'm determined to finish it and make other games I've been thinking about. If you'd like, check out my games Website, Welcome to the World of Mostructs!

I'll be stopping by and checking out other folks games as well. Let's make great Indies TOGETHER!!

JakeSimmer #510 0 3

Hey Yall!

Jake from Holland here... ;-)

Love your Youtube stuff, just stumbled on it tonight.

Also started with Unity a few days ago... finally...

The brain is buzzing with ideas, now lets see if we can make some of them....

Thanks for making this platform for us bro!!

Greets from Holland!


The_J_C #520 0 42

Hello everyone,

I have just found this place after watching one of Tim's video on Youtube.

I am a beginner solo developer from Hungary, who is working on his second game at the moment. I'm not a professional by any means, I have just started developing games in 2015. But I enjoy it quite a lot and want to become better at it, learning as much as possible. This also means that I have to improve my art, sound and programmer skills, but I'm working on it. :)

In real life, I am a financial controller at a university.

DirtyMantisGames #529 0 4

Hey Everyone,

You can call me Mantis, im just starting things out learning C# and The Unity engine but I have been in the IT field for a few years now. My interest in making games sprawls from my long history playing them and I have always wanted to put my crazy ideas in the works since I have always had such an over active imagination. I found Tim on youtube and just found you to be so relatable since we have had a lot of the same struggles and some the complete opposite but honestly you already helped me stay motivated and inspired.

Assjack Games #530 0 33

Hey everyone, nice to meet you all. Found this place through a consultation with Tim (won from a giveaway prize for a podcast), glad to join the ranks.
Been learning game dev for just over a decade in its many facets, and working on my first commercial game Pongslaught, an arcade game acclaimed for its visual style.

Glad to be a part of this, and I hope to meet many of you further

MohamedU3 #537 0 22

Hi, everyone!

Bonjour tout le monde! This is a hello from Montreal, Canada. I am a civil engineer doing his master's degree. I am a hobbyist game developer. My aim is to explain engineering concepts through gaming and creating enjoyable experiences for people to interact with.

I am excited to meet all of you and see all your magnificent games. 

CipoUnchaining #527 0 30

hi there!! i m Serghei from italy.. I ve always had this dream of "making games"..  i think i started when i was 12.. self teaching me a bit of programming, a bit of 3d modeling, photoshop , unity... i didnt have anyone around me who could teach me or i could collaborate with.. then a year ago a small startUp called at my school asking for someone with some experience with unity  and decent programming skills..  all my efforts was finally rewarded.. now i m 18 and i published my first game on the andriod/ios platforms in co-op with this small company.. (DriftGalaxy) i made huge progress working with this team but i know i still need to learn a lot.. i would really like to find other passionate people to work with  and to learn together!! ^^

BigBadKug #540 0 5

A little about myself, my name is Avinoam from a small VR studio called Portal Studios, we are 3 people from Israel who started making VR games not too long ago and of course %u2013 dream big. I just recently finished my Bsc in Industrial Engineering but all through my last year of University I was playing my vive all the time so at some point I figured out%u2026 let%u2019s do thi%u05D3

We currently have 1 game out called Galactic Core and we work on an upcoming VR stealth video game.

3xclamation #542 0 35

Hey guys, My name is Storm (Yes that is my real name). 

I work long ass hours every day in a bank doing shit I don't really want to do, but it brings in the dough. I want to make games! So I do game jams and stuff to stop me from going insane... For now I hone my art skills (coz I program well but I don't art well). if I make a piece I feel is good enough I put it on the asset store for free or cheap. In the hopes that I will build a large enough skill set and user base to eventually do Game dev full time.

That's all....

I joined this place to get help, exposure or even land a cool job.

Peace out.

AppsByBrats #544 0 22


Brent from AppsByBrats here. I recently released my first indie Virtual Reality game, RetroGunX, on the Steam Store, but marketing and PR has really been tough for me (and I'm sure, most of you too). I'm really hoping to get some good honest feedback from you guys and to get my game out there! I welcome any comments, suggestions and criticisms. Trolls also welcome ;)

Hit me with it!

Viljamix #547 0 10


I'm Jere from Finland and i'm very new to coding.

Actually i have very litle to none experience in coding but i will become a Datanome in about a year after i've finished 9th grade. i'm inspired by people like Shigeru Miyamoto, Markus Persson and the thought of learning and being better than average.  i'm learning on Unreal Engine 4 by watching tutorials online (mostly Youtube) and hope to one day have my own video game company :)

TreeStain #553 0 20

Hey everybody,

Just joined the community today. I'm very passionate about software development and am dabbling in creating games to improve my sik programming skills. Hope to meet a lot of you and get to know the community.
- Thanks, Tree.

Lyton #555 0 3

Hey everyone!

Name is Michael but you can call me whatever you'd like (Lyton is my gamer handle). I'm a programmer that mostly works with Unity.  I just graduated a course in Game Programming in Toronto and I'm working on a solo project right now. I do a lot of online game jams when I have time to help me get experience with working in teams.I also work part-time right now as a cashier to help fund my Game Dev endeavors. I hope to learn new things with all of you and maybe meet new friends in the process!

SlowYourRo #572 0 30

Greetings and salutations future friends, 

I finally decided to make an account here. (YAY!)  i was kinda nervous about making one , I have no clue why. Probably like the same reason people have a hard time going to the gym.(the whole self-conscious about their body But then, they're self-conscious about my body cause they don't go to the gym - I got that from the Bo Burnham song) 

That doesn't mater anymore cause I made an account. Anyway I'm Robert, I have been using Game Maker Studio for about 2 years now. ( i thought it was less) My friend (Tony) and i make games and that is pretty much the best introduction i can think of to to join the community!

Crawler Studios #580 0 22

Sup y'all. Just joined. Played a few games in my life and always wondered whats behind them. Found out and instantly got hooked with creating games and here I am I guess...

LordMellow #581 0 13

Hey guys, I'm LordMellow.

I am 14 and just started game programming on unity 6 months ago and I am really enjoying it.

So far I have made 7 games with tutorials I've found on the internet. In total I have about 200 hours of programming under my name and that number is rising everyday.

I stumbled across across Tim's Game Dev Underground and he's inspired me to make my own game.

-Thanks LordMellow

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