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So, hey guys,

I'm making my second android game and would enjoy some thoughts about it.

It will be a side scroller with procedural map generation and the mechanics will be something like Super Marion Run's

1. Would play this game in a mobile platform? If not, which one would play?

2. Any other ideas over it?

(App)reciate it! (Pun intended)

Gullberger #1070 0 108

Sounds like a great idea. 

Have a simple gamemechanic, mario run is a great example. Keep a simple control, many 2dsidescrollplattformers on cellphones fail due to controlscheme best suited with a gamecontroller/keyboard. If a see a generic androidgame with a onscreen digpad and buttons, I want even bother.

One idea that just popped up into my mind is move the playerunit by tilting the mobiledevice, and one tap to make it jump.  

But making it a autorunner is a classic, like mario run.

Kanugane #1072 0 87

It's hard to suggest things at this stage. The approach I would recommend is simple: Try it by yourself. Experiment. See, which approach you personally enjoy the most. Do you like it on Windows? Or on phone? Or both?

Try your mechanics. Experiment. It's when you try out by trial and error and find the most suiting solution, before starting out the game development. Regardless of the outcome, you still gain valuable experience in any case.

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