Slowly learning this unity thing..


Going from being a straight c# / monogame / xna coder and NEVER using any level editors or anything, learning unity is a challenge.. I am not used to having that kind of interface.. and using c# as a scripting language is a lot different.. but its coming along..

so, to help break the staleness, I give to you the splash and title menu screens of Coastal Glide, in the Unity web player.. =D Just listen to that beautifully composed music on the title.. by Dragon Music.. amazing composer!

and like me on facebook if you want to keep updated on it!

And not sure if its just me, but I have to copy and paste the link into a new tab on my own... for some reason in chrome, clicking it for me, it will play the audio, but I cant see the game.. so if you need to copy and paste, here ya go!

RageMunkey24 #23 19 286

I am slowly using it too but for javascript

Neon82UK #560 0 11

I'm learning Unity and I've never used any script. Double hard :)

Astra Cat #543 0 16

If you keep going and you learn C# with unity you will be very pleased. 

MarkoP #578 0 16

Hard work is the key.

Fab WindSk8 #349 0 90

... and perseverance... but it is worth it I believe !

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