Space Invaders Clone Prototype

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Hello. I'm new to the group. Found the videos on youtube and decided to join in here. I have been programming for 12 years. I started to learn Programming when I was 18 because I wanted to create my own MMO. I have spent the last 12 years learning everything I possibly could, Designing my own Networking Framework for Unity, and I have been involved in several Indie MMO Teams several of which were successfully funded through KickStarter. Being into MMO Development with very little money to spend I have yet to release any games. Watching the Videos on youtube about just getting your first game released and having friends in the industry tell me the same thing I decided to take a step back and spend the next couple months just working on a smaller game that I can get to release.

PRE_PR #438 0 28

Several years ago I had started working on a cool concept for an updated version of Space Invaders, while I lost those project files I decided to restart the project and get it out the door. I have a prototype which is pretty basic in the graphics department but it has the flow I would expect from the final game. You play a level, when you beat the level you end up in a space station where you will be able to shop in the market for new ships or upgrades, do R&D (Skill tree) to progress your character and ship, and gather new Missions to take to the next level. Then you engage the enemy again...

I would love to get feed back on what I have. The Graphics, Audio, UI, ect. will all be done once the Programming for the game is complete.

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DUDDEE!! I saw the placeholder squares and was sooo not prepared for the EPIC explosions. Good job on that man. 

One thing I think space invaders needs for me is the side to side movement...straight down seems a bit weird to me. And I could not actually get out of the game with ESC, so I could not actually exit the game. But it seems like you have a great base to work with!

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Not a bad start. Like Tim said, some sideways movement on the enemies would be nice. I would also perhaps add some variety in the enemy behavior. Maybe an enemy type that stays at the top of the screen and drops bombs on you? Or maybe an enemy that charges straight at the player to eat his face? The explosions are very cool but maybe a bit over the top. I feel like the visual effects obstructs a little bit too much so i would scale it down a bit.

Good luck on your project! :D

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