Sports video games? Opinions?

InstantLife #98 47 315

What do u guys think about sports video games? what makes them good? what makes them bad?

RageMunkey24 #23 19 286

Sports games for me is more an blue moon urge. They are not bad but they are not new in any kind of way.

Abscond #151 4 61

Same as RageMunkey. It's rare that you'll find me playing a sports game. I just can't get into it. That and watching them. So boring.

I really can't tell you what makes them good or bad because I rarely play them.

Fab WindSk8 #349 0 90

I think the main issue with sport game is the commonality of the topic (a bit like racing games). There are limited amount of popular sport, so to make an interesting sport game, options are limited:

- innovate on the gameplay : I remember great games on Amiga, that were joysticks destroyers....

- great graphics : I guess it helps people identify with their idols (nab, soccer games...)

- change perspective : basically playing the manager instead of player

- ... or change the rules : I like this approach the best. You either mix 2 sports, or change the rules of one sport. This is what I am trying to do with WindSkate (website).

Strings SL #592 0 56

 to much repetition  all around. in game play. I personally don't like the majority of sports games  at all. but something like base wars where you stay clear of pro teams  and put a big twist on the outcome could be good. as Fab WindSk8 said. (it would be cool to see skeet shooting and sky diving )

Bakel #642 0 88

I think its hard to say what makes them good or bad, but its hard to compete with the competitors.

Nice voice actors for commentators are a need for a good sports game, they increase the "realness" of the game a lot, you are feeling much more like you are in a real stadium if you hear someone commenting the plays, also you can use that in a rewarding way, if a player makes a real nice strategic play which leads to an Goal you can let the commentators scream and cheer

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