Team Requests?

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I already have one guy working with me on the new game I am creating, but, I was curious; whats the rulings on team requests? Do they have a preferred layout or way of working?

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

Not yet, but they will shortly.

Were working on team functionality for GDU too so that will help. Feel free to post a request here or ask in the skype chat...lots of cool people in there.

JForthDesigns #10 9 502

Ok, so here goes.

I have been using FPSC for a long time now and I feel like I need to stretch my legs a little. I have played with UDK previously, which i didn't like. I have also played with Cryengine; again, not for me. I have messed with Neo Axis a teeny bit, but, not really given it a proper run. However, I do have Unity and I do like Unity; the only thing stopping me from making the complete plunge to Unity is the lack of coding skills of which i possess. I am NOT a coder! I am an artist of 2D, 3D, animation, video, websites and the rest of that cool stuff; but, coding..........nope.

I have a few ideas of games that I am really interested in making, but, i think I would need a talented coder on board to achieve what I want.

First Idea is to make a 2.5D side scroller of my game Impuzzable. So, there is no story, just the player, different coloured blocks that react differently to the player and LOTS of puzzles.

I can make ALL of the 3D objects, make ALL of the textures, create ALL of the animations and follow up by creating any marketing design needed including a website.

Is there a talented coder out there, (or anyone else interested in joining) that would be interested in working with me?

FYI, I would only really want a team of around 2-4 people MAX. (including me)

I know this is a pretty poor team request as there is nothing to actually show of any substance; however, take a look at my game Impuzzable and let me know if you would be interested?!

Thanks for reading!

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