Terrified to share my game anywhere, wish I had started earlier.

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A longtime friend and I started a software business some time ago and we recently saw an amazing opportunity for a game idea we have formulated together over the years. We have always wanted to make a game and have done the design work for years but never saw a good enough opportunity to work on the actual code until we knew the right market to target.

Well, now that has happened, we have found a huge vacuum on a certain game platform that is starving for our type of game and so for the last month we have been crunching hard to get our first demo together and we are almost there.

My regret is not already having a prototype all these years that we could build from and redesign. I feel like a lot of the design work we did over the years does not fit the scope of the project once we started to build it out. Things that seem obviously wrong when you play to prototype did not jump out at us at all during the design phase. We could have fixed a lot of issues we are running into now had we simply built a very small scale prototype of the mechanics while we were designing levels and waiting on the market sweet spot.

Our original fear was that we didn't want to waste time building and designing around a certain interface and control scheme if it turned out our market was on an entirely different platform than what we built for. So now that we are in this crunch to finish, our

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Same here, I initially started for the mobile phone platform but my game has too many mechanics to make it simple for the mobile phone, So I've created a console/desktop version that's more in depth and is the full game and the mobile one is going to be a stripped down version for free unlike the desktop one.

Just carry on working on it and design it for as many platforms as possible then at the end strip out what you're not intending to release it on. That's my approach any way, not sure if its a good way.

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