The Lady DEMO is now available for download!!!!!!!

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We have launched our Pre-Alpha Demo on our IndieGoGo campaign. The Demo can be found here (just under the video)
I also started a new Steam Greenlight page (making a new trailer with gameplay this week):
For those of you who have time to download and play the demo, I'd really love to get some feedback from my indie game dev piers here :)
The Lady is a very dark and unique 2D Surreal/Puzzle /Adventure game, with Horror elements (For Windows PC exclusively). The game features hand drawn character art , photographic backgrounds, stop-motion themed animation, and a hauntingly abrasive analog soundtrack by the creator of the game, Michael Patrick Rogers . The game is being programmed/developed by the talented Roger Levy.
The game is a short and surrealist journey that takes The Lady through a series of fever dream like hallucinations, while being at odds with her own inner struggles with anxiety and depression. She encounters multiple versions of herself throughout the game, unsure of who to trust. The gameplay is Inspired by classic SNES and Turbo Grafx16 type games, and features side-scrolling exploration and arcade-style battles, playing in letterbox full screen HD.

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Who is the target audience/demographic for this game? The stuff below is all the feedback I can really provide without knowing who the game is meant for. It's obviously something special, and not meant to appeal to the masses of FPS-shooter players that constitute a large portion of Steam members.

I really enjoyed the asthetics/environment of it. It reminds me of somekind of interactive art exhibit. Looking at your description above, I think it accomplishes the goals of:
- very dark and unique (yes very)
- hauntingly abrasive analog soundtrack (yup)
- surrealist journey (very)
- fever dream like hallucinations (hell yeah)
- unsure of who to trust (not sure of what to do but shoot everyone)

I haven't played much classic SNES or any Turbo Grafx16, but I don't know if it really fits into the puzzle/adventure game genre. It's so different than any other game I've ever seen in the genre.

Here's feedback on my raw gameplay experience of the demo:
- the controls are easy, thank you for the instruction screen
- excellent visuals, kinda disturbing, made me feel uncomfortable in a good way
- didn't understand what to do at first, except to avoid the falling glass or shoot it
- thought the first level was empty, but then those vertical stripes appeared - didn't realize that they were doors, and almost just gave up
- pricked myself on the barbed wire on the next level and got through them. Moved on to the next level somehow. Not sure what I was supposed to do or see there.
- for the level with all the people(?), not sure what to do, just shot at everyone until the door appeared
- for the level with the big head and barbed wire, I think I died, but am not sure if it was death. Still not sure what I was supposed to do. I kept shooting at the big head, but it seemed to just get angry and make things red. So much glass falling.
- I was left feeling kind of confused and noticed I had a strange expression on my face, like I didn't quite "get" the game, or wondering if that was the goal? Or if I was somehow playing it wrong or missing something? I'm still not sure what I was supposed to do.

Going to check out the let's play videos to see what I missed or find out what I was supposed to do...

MPRart #143 17 128

Thanks for taking the time to play it.
In the demo we left out death, because we weren't ready to put it in, not sure exactly how it's going to happen yet.
The difficulty level will be very brutal, 3 deaths/3 continues then you're done, like old school games.
Target audience is anyone who likes exploration, weird stuff, and doesn't want a game to hold their hand the whole way through with on screen tutorials.
Here's a example of the puzzle aspect.... when you saw the barbwire, your first instinct was probably to shoot it right? well if you do it hurts you, and if you're stuck between two strips the head will bounce back and forth and kill you. You have to figure out to just walk through it, because it doesnt really cause damage.

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