The Last Polar Bear (my entry in The Arbitrary Gamejam #9) and lessons learned

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A game I made during The Arbitrary Gamejam #9. In 48 hours, I had about 3 hours of sleep and no caffeine (not by choice). It gets kinda trippy.

Play Now: Unity Web Player | Download: Mac OS X, Windows

Synopsis: 3D Third-Person Endless Runner/Jumper where you are guiding a polar bear across a dangerous sea of rapidly melting/collapsing/decaying icebergs. It also teaches the player about the effects of expedited global warming on arctic wildlife.

Tools: Unity Pro, Blender, Gimp, Audacity

Beginning | Cub hanging on to momma for dear life! | Running across proc-gen icebergs | Red message ramps to guide the way

Lessons learned:

  • Modeling, rigging, and animating the polar bear and the cub on its back took waaaay too long (12 hrs?) for a 48 hour game jam. I'm primarily a programmer, not a modeler or animator. I should have just bought one from the asset store.

  • Can get away with only a few models by using procedural generation to mess with them. For most of the icebergs, I just do some real-time deformation on a few archetypal iceberg shapes to create an endless variety of icebergs. Also, creating a shader that mixes multiple textures depending on the mesh's vertex colors helps too.

  • Love love love Unity.

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