The unofficial \"Hello Thread\"

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Good day to you all!

This post is mainly to say hello to the GDU community and let you know, that I exist. I like the concept of GDU and it would be fun to start getting to know people in here. So I'm going to start and tell a little bit of myself and it would be great to hear the same from YOU!

My name is Klaus Kaariainen and I've been in the game industry since 2009 working as an artist, designer, project manager and producer. The game companies and the game projects are pretty small scale, but I've still managed to make a living out of it. Currently I'm not an indie developer, I'm working as an project manager in a game company startup.

Here are some of the games I've been part of creating:

Hypersensitive Bob (Design, Art, Sound, Effects):

Gunnheim (Design, Art, Sound, Effects):

Airbuccaneers (Design, Art, Producer):

I'm also father of two boys who keep company to me, when I'm not making games. They make sure, that I keep myself not sitting on the computer all the time and also my mind on childish level, which I find pretty necessary when talking about game development.

Soon, I'm planning on starting my second game company here in Finland. If you are interested in hearing more, be sure to send me an email and show your interest/ask your questions: hello( at ) kossad( dot ) com

Hopefully we get a community around GDU and can build games together!

Best regards,

Klaus Kaariainen

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Hey Klaus!

Welcome to the underground man.

I like your stuff! The first too are probably more my style as I tend to stick to lighter smaller games, although all 3 of them look awesome!

Theres a lot of indies here, but we love dudes from the industry!

I have a question for you. What brought you to GDU? What made you join?

Kossad #238 0 26

Thanks for the kind words.

To be exact, I'm indie too. Those projects were 100% self funded, except Airbuccaneers.

I joined GDU once I stumbled on to some motivation videos made by you, on facebook. :)

Tim Ruswick #1 89 2068

Ahh. Gotcha. Well welcome to the club! :)

We're small here but we're growing! Hope to see you around in the coming weeks!


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Hello. :)

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