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I really want to play your games dude!!! when can i!?!

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I'd totally give you a link to some recent versions right now, but you're catching me at a bit of a transitional time. I'm still in the process of scaling from:

Random dude that makes a few games in his free time, has a super tiny website so he can upload files / dump random stuff somewhere, and has always liked making chiptunes.


One-man studio with separate accounts, professionally managed / planned website properly showing off products, security in the right places, soundcloud pro, much more serious sound hardware / righs management, room to outsource, marketing campaign.

I'm about 2/3 of the way there... but the website stuff is taking forever. As soon as I'm able to upload I'll shoot you a link or three!

InstantLife #98 47 315

Sweet... totally stoked for them!

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