Weekend Refresher

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This weekend I decided to brush up on some coding stuff, beacuse i have been out of it, but this summer I have been working on my "art skillz" soo I decided to use those "skillz" in a little project to work on "programming skillz"...

Pretty much you are a slug and you place down slime and it makes you slither faster and jump higher, right now I have tht basic test zone, movement, startscreen, slime, slime "physics"... but im still perfecting the slime placement in game, and may need to implement side scrolling... not sure yet...


nice.. looks like pencil or ink drawn tiles.. very nice!

InstantLife #98 47 315

thanks... I have a DEMO up for download


but it being a small file, that takes no installation makes my chrome freak out, and i had to turn off my "malware" protection under advanced settings

if you are up for that, then PLEASE download it and give feed back

the Demo is 7 "levels"
and i need more ideas on what to add to the game... (if i choose to add more)

but I'm very proud of what it turned up to be and become over only 3 days

long weekend project FTW!


I say go for it.. and yeah, chrome and IE both flagged it.. hate when chrome pulls that crap.. so.. add some music and sfx.. definitely more levels.. and maybe some slug animation... kinda just feels like he slides.. which he would, but.. I like the concept.. was a really quick play through though.. 7 levels took just a couple mins.. :)

PS: kill or speed up the zoom out of the PLAY.. hit enter.. and waited.. and waited.. and waited.. ;)

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LOL, some of those levels are diabolical! Good work for a long weekend. Have you considered making the slug's eyes & mouth bigger and more expressive? When you animate the slug, an expressive face you can make it feel much more alive and relatable to the player, and helps convey emotion of the slug more easily.

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